Dodge Ram IV (DS/DJ/D2) (2009-2018) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018

Power Distribution Center

Dodge Ram IV (DS/DJ/D2) Fuse box power distribution center

Also called: Ram 1500, Ram 2500/3500, Ram 4000, Dodge Ram

CavityCartridge FuseMicro FuseDescription
F0180 Amp Black-Rad Fan Control Module (If Equipped)
F0360 Amp Yellow-Rad Fan (If Equipped)
F0540 Amp Green-Compressor for Air Suspension (If Equipped)
F0640 Amp Green-Antilock Brakes/Electronic Stability Control Pump
F0740 Amp Green-Starter Solenoid
F0820 Amp Blue (1500 LD/Cummins Diesel)- Emissions Diesel (If Equipped)
F0940 Amp Green (Special Services Vehicle & Cummins Diesel)- Diesel Fuel Heater (If Equipped)
F1040 Amp Green-Body Controller / Exterior Lighting #2
F1050 Amp Red-Body Controller / Exterior Lighting #2 (If Equipped) with Stop/Start
F1130 Amp Pink-Integrated Trailer Brake Module (If Equipped)
F1240 Amp Green-Body Controller #3 / Power Locks
F1340 Amp Green-Blower Motor
F1440 Amp Green-Body Controller #4 / Interior Lighting
F1630 Amp Pink-Smart Bar (If Equipped)
F1920 Amp Blue (1500 LD Diesel) 30 Amp Pink (Cummins Diesel)-SCR (If Equipped)
F2030 Amp Pink-Passenger Door Module
F2130 Amp Pink-Drive Train Control Module
F2220 Amp Blue 30 Amp Pink (Cummins Diesel)-Engine Control Module
F2330 Amp Pink-Body Controller #1 / Interior Lighting
F2430 Amp Pink-Driver Door Module
F2530 Amp Pink-Front Wiper
F2630 Amp Pink-Antilock Brakes / Stability Control Module / Valves
F2820 Amp Blue-Trailer Tow Backup Lights (If Equipped)
F2920 Amp Blue-Trailer Tow Parking Lights (If Equipped)
F3030 Amp Pink-Trailer Tow Receptacle
F3130 Amp Pink (1500 LD Diesel)-Urea Heater Control (If Equipped)
F32--Spare Fuse
F3320 Amp Blue-Special Services Vehicle Only
F3430 Amp Pink-Vehicle System Interface Module #2 (If Equipped)
F3530 Amp Pink-Sunroof (If Equipped)
F3630 Amp Pink-Rear Defroster (If Equipped)
F3730 Amp Pink-Cummins Diesel Fuel Heater #2 (If Equipped)
F3830 Amp Pink-Power Inverter 115V AC (If Equipped)
F3920 Amp Blue-Power Outlet - Special Services Only
F41-10 Amp RedActive Grill Shutter (If Equipped)
F42-20 Amp YellowHorn
F44-10 Amp RedDiagnostic Port Cavity Cartridge Fuse Micro Fuse Description
F46-10 Amp RedUpfitter (If Equipped)
F49-10 Amp RedInstrument Panel Cluster (Except Fleet Vehicles)
F50-20 Amp YellowAir Suspension Control Module (If Equipped)
F51-10 Amp RedIgnition Node Module /Keyless Ignition (Instrument Panel Cluster - Fleet Vehicles Only)
F52-5 Amp TanBattery Sensor
F53-20 Amp YellowTrailer Tow - Left Turn/Stop Lights
F54-20 Amp YellowAdjustable Pedals
F56-15 Amp BlueAdditional Diesel Content (If Equipped)
F57-20 Amp YellowTransmission
F58-20 Amp YellowSpare Fuse
F59-10 Amp RedSCR Relay (If Equipped)
F60-15 Amp BlueUnderhood Lamp
F61-10 Amp Red(1500 LD Diesel & Cummins Diesel) PM Sensor (If Equipped)
F62-10 Amp RedAir Conditioning Clutch
F63-20 Amp YellowIgnition Coils (Gas), Urea Heater (Cummins Diesel)
F64-25 Amp ClearFuel Injectors / Powertrain
F65-– SpareFuse
F66-10 Amp RedSunroof / Passenger Window Switches / Rain Sensor
F67-10 Amp RedCD / DVD / Bluetooth Hands-free Module (If Equipped)
F69-15 Amp BlueMod SCR 12V (Cummins Diesel) (If Equipped)
F70-30 Amp Green Fuel Pump Motor
F71-25 Amp ClearAmplifier
F72-10 Amp RedPCM (If Equipped)
F73-20 Amp YellowFuel Transfer Pump (HD Only) (If Equipped)
F74-20 Amp Yellow(Gas Engine & 1500 LD Diesel) Brake Vacuum Pump Gas/Diesel (If Equipped) Cavity Cartridge Fuse Micro Fuse Description
F75-10 Amp RedCoolant Temperature Valve Actuator
F76-10 Amp RedAntilock Brakes / Electronic Stability Control
F77-10 Amp RedDrivetrain Control Module/Front Axle Disconnect Module
F78-10 Amp RedEngine Control Module / Electric Power Steering
F79-15 Amp BlueClearance Lights
F80-10 Amp RedUniversal Garage Door Opener / Compass
F81-20 Amp YellowTrailer Tow Right Turn / Stop Lights
F82-10 Amp RedSteering Column Control Module / Cruise Control
F84-15 Amp BlueSwitch Bank / Instrument Cluster
F85-10 Amp RedAirbag Module
F86-10 Amp RedAirbag Module
F87-10 Amp RedAir Suspension (If Equipped) / Trailer Tow / Steering Column Control Module
F88-15 Amp BlueInstrument Panel Cluster
F90/F91-20 Amp YellowPower Outlet (Rear Seats) Customer Selectable
F93-20 Amp YellowCigar Lighter
F94-10 Amp RedShifter / Transfer Case Module
F95-10 Amp RedRear Camera / Park Assist
F96-10 Amp RedRear Seat Heater Switch
F97-25 Amp ClearRear Heated Seats & Heated Steering Wheel (If Equipped)
F98-25 Amp ClearFront Heated Seats (If Equipped)
F99-10 Amp RedClimate Control
F100-10 Amp RedUpfitters (If Equipped)
F101-15 Amp BlueElectrochromatic Mirror / Smart High Beams (If Equipped)
F104-20 Amp YellowPower Outlets (Instrument Panel / Center Console)

Power Outlet Fuse Locations

Dodge Ram IV (DS/DJ/D2) Fuse box power outlet fuse locations

1 — F104 Fuse 20 A Yellow Power Outlet Center Console Bin / USB Port (Charge Only)

2 — F90–F91 Fuse 20 A Yellow Power Outlet Rear Center Console

3 — F93 Fuse 20 A Yellow Cigar Lighter Instrument Panel

Information about the model

When it comes to full-size pick-up trucks, Dodge ram holds a specific place among its peers. The Dodge Ram fourth generation was launched at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in 2008, and the production, as well as sales, started from 2009. However, the brand Ram separated from the Dodge in 2010.

Dodge Ram: Fourth Generation

The Ram was operated by Chrysler LLC, which tried to keep this [pick-up truck model competitive with the help of some upgrades. The fourth generation of this model was launched in 2009 with a new suspension, new four-door cab style offering, and new Hemi engine option.

Ram trucks are famous for their towing capacity and muscle power. The 2009 model was rated at 9,100 lb. (4,128 kg) with a long bed, 5.7 l Hemi engine, 17-inch wheels, and other features. The transmission of these trucks is 6-speed that provides a smooth shift. It also comes in six-speed automatic transmission.

Apart from these, some subsequent models are equipped with all the upgrades. It is an apt vehicle for both commercial and regular purposes. Those who are living in the countryside or have a place for a pick-up truck can easily love this vehicle due to its useful features. These pick-up trucks are quite massive, and the axle specifications hold an essential place. This fourth-generation model comes with three axle ratios 3.42, 3.73, and 4.10. The other models such as Ram 4500 also have four cab axle 60, 84, 108, and 120 inches while the other model comes with only two cap axle lengths 60 and 84 inches.

Apart from all of these, there is some advancement in the design and load capacity as Ram has introduced one of the concept cars that is equipped with all the class apart features,

All Dodge Ram IV (DS/DJ/D2) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Dodge Ram IV (DS/DJ/D2) (2009-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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~ignacio rivas 06-03-2019
Hi i,m lookingfor fuse box,., power distribution center ¿ fuse relay center ¿ or any way you may calle it., Dodge ram 4000 , MODEL 2008 MOTOR 5.7

~Steve 28-12-2019
What about the relays. The owner’s manual shows the fuses labeled as F but doesn’t give any information about the relays labeled as K. I want the relay information! Anything for the 4 gen 1500 would be helpful

~Gary register 29-11-2020
I bought a new one of these modulators right now it is gone from bad to worse drain the battery get a new battery now I start running out together I have no power at all I’ll check the fuses in this box and everything in the top left corner is not working what do I need to do


~Marcus Gee 27-05-2022
Doesn't give no info on fuel level sense fuse

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