Citroën C6 I (2005-2012) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012

Dashboard fusebox box B

Citroën C6 I Fuse box dashboard fusebox box b

There are two fuseboxes under the dashboard, one in the engine compartment and another in the boot under the left hand wing trim.

To access the fuses under the dashboard, open the glovebox and then detach the stowage cover.

FuseRating (A)Functions
G 29 5 A Defl ation detection – Changer for 6 CDs
G 30 5 A Diagnostic socket
G 31 5 A Telematics according to destination
G 32 25 A Amplifi er
G 33 10 A Hydraulic suspension system
G 34 15 A Automatic gearbox
G 35 15 A Front passenger’s heated seat
G 36 15 A Driver’s heated seat
G 37
G 38 30 A Driver’s electric seat
G 39
G 40 30 A Passenger’s electric seat

Dashboard fusebox box C

Citroën C6 I Fuse box dashboard fusebox box c
FuseRating (A)Functions
F 1
F 2
F 3 5 A Airbags
F 4 10 A Braking system – Active bonnet – Cruise contol/speed limiter – Photochromic rear view mirror – Diagnostic socket – Multifunction screen inclination motor
F 5 30 A Front window – Sun roof
F 6 30 A Rear window
F 7 5 A Sun visor lighting – Glove box lighting – Interior lamps – Rear cigar-lighter
F 8 20 A Controls at the steering wheel – Display – Opening of windows (Micro-descent) – Alarm – Radio
F 9 30 A Front cigar-lighter
F 10 15 A Boot relay unit – Trailer relay unit
F 11 15 A Steering lock
F 12 15 A Driver’s and front passenger’s seat belt warning lamp – Opening of windows (Micro-descent) – Electric seats – Parking assistance – Audio system JBL
F 13 5 A Active bonnet – Rain and brightness sensor – Windscreen wiper – Engine relay unit supply
F 14 15 A Lane Departure Warning System – Air conditioning – Instrument panel – Head-up display – Airbags – Bluetooth® (Hands-free kit) – BHI relay
F 15 30 A Central locking – Child safety
F 17 40 A Ventilation

Under the bonnet fuses

Citroën C6 I Fuse box under the bonnet fuses

To access the fusebox in the engine compartment, undo each screw a 1/4 turn. After a repair, take care to reclose the cover.

FuseRating (A)Functions
F 120 AEngine ECU – Cooling fan
F 215 AHorn
F 310 AScreen wash pump
F 420 AHeadlamp wash
F 515 AFuel pump (petrol) – Preheating – Injection (Diesel)
F 610 ABraking system
F 710 AAutomatic gearbox
F 820 AStarter
F 910 AActive bonnet – Xenon dual function directional headlamps
F 1030 AInjectors – Ignition coil – Electrovalves (petrol) – Engine ECU – Fuel supply (Diesel)
F 1140 AAir conditioning (Blower)
F 1230 AWindscreen wiper
F 1340 ABSI
F 14-

Fuses in the boot

Citroën C6 I Fuse box fuses in the boot

To access the fusebox located under the left hand wing trim:

1. Move aside the trim on the LH side. See "12 V battery: Changing the battery".
2. Move aside the electrical cables connecting to the fusebox.
3. Open the fusebox.

FuseRating (A)Functions
F 115 AFuel fl ap
F 2
F 3
F 415 ASpeed-sensitive rear spoiler (defl ector)
F 540 AHeated rear screen
G 3615 A/25 ARear LH electric heated seat (Pack Lounge)/Benchseat
G 3715 A/25 ARear RH electric heated seat (Pack Lounge)/Benchseat
G 3830 ARear electric seat adjustments (Pack Lounge)
G 3930 ACigar-lighter – Rear accessory socket
G 4025 AElectric parking brake

Information about the model

The C series vehicles from Citroën have gained massive popularity due to their functionalities and all-around features. The first generation C6 is an executive car produced by the French company in 2005 and the production for this car ended in 2012. C6 is among the fastback saloon segments that provides a plush feel to the buyer. It was based upon the C6 linkage that came way back in 1999.

Citroën C6: First Generation

The First generation C6 was launched in 2005, which brings a bulk load of features on wheels. There are different trim levels available for this model which consists of various features. When it comes to car specifications, it comes with different engines such as a 3.0 L ES9 V6 producing 211 PS or a 2.7 L V6 HDi diesel producing 204 PS or 2.2 L HDi producing 170 PS with FAP, four cylinders, and dual turbo functionality.

The design of C6 is given most vital as it is an executive class car that is equipped with almost all the features. The saloon profile gives it much needed support and helps the company to different input features in one. The boot space and trunk capacity help this car to get the name of conventional saloon rather than a hatchback. There are different encouragement reviews it gets as it is called as "charmingly idiosyncratic", "spaceship that rides on air" and "refreshingly different". These comments show the level of elegance provided by Citroen to this specific model.

Apart from all the features, there are some of the best features available in the Citroen that are quite innovative. It includes a lane departure warning system, xenon directional headlamps, a head-up display, a rear spoiler, and Hydractive 3+ suspension. These are capable of providing effective braking as well as safety to the drivers. With these features, C6 has attained a definition of an excellent car that is capable of providing massive benefits.

All Citroën C6 I info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Citroën C6 I (2005-2012) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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