Citroën C5 II RD/TD (2008-2017) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017

Fuses under the dashboard

Citroën C5 II RD/TD Fuse box fuses under the dashboard


Procedure for replacing a faulty fuse with a new fuse to rectify a failure of the corresponding function. The 2 fuseboxes are located below the dashboard and under the bonnet.

Replacing a fuse

Before replacing a fuse, you should ascertain the cause of the fault and have it remedied. the numbers of the fuses are indicated on the fusebox. Replace the fuse that has blown with one of the same rating (same colour). Use the special tweezer 1 placed on the fl ap close to the fuseboxes.

Fusebox A

1P.SEAT D30 APower seat*
2P.WINDOW330 APower windows
3R.OUTLET315 AAccessory sockets
4P.WINDOW225 APower windows
6D.LOCK25 APower door locks
7SEAT WARM20 ASeat warmer*
8SUNROOF10 AMoonroof*
9F.OUTLET15 AAccessory sockets
10MIRROR7.5 APower control mirror
12SCR315 AEngine control system*
13SCR415 AEngine control system*
14R.OUTLET215 AAccessory sockets
15USB7.5 AUSB power outlet
16PLG20 APower liftgate*
17M.DEF7.5 AMirror defogger*
18R.SEAT W20 ASeat warmer*
20AT IND7.5 AAT shift indicator
21P.SEAT P30 APower seat*

Fusebox B

Fuse N°RatingFunction
G3615 A6 speed automatic gearbox
G365 A4 speed automatic gearbox
G3710 ADaytime running lamps - Diagnostic socket
G3910 AHydraulic suspension
G403 ASTOP switch

Fusebox C

Fuse N°RatingFunction
F115 ARear screen wipe (Tourer)
F230 ALocking and deadlocking relay
F35 AAirbags
F410 AAutomatic gearbox - additional heater unit (Diesel) - electrochrome rear view mirror
F530 AFront window - sunroof - passenger door lighting - passenger door mirror adjustment
F630 ARear window
F75 AVanity mirror lighting - Glove box lighting - interiorlamps - torch (tourer)
F820 ARadio - CD changer - Steering mounted controls - Screen - Under-infl ation detection - Electric boot ECU
F930 ACigar lighter - front 12 V socket
F1015AAlarm - Steering mounted controls, signalling and wiper controls
F1115 ALow current ignitionswitch
F1215 ADriver’s electric seat - instrument panel - seat belt not fastened warning lamps - air conditioning controls
F135 AEngine relay unit - Hydraulic suspension pump cut-off relay - airbag ECU supply
F1415 ARain and sunshine sensor - parking sensors - passenger’s electric seat - trailer relay unit - HIFI amplifi er ECU - Bluetooth system - Lane Departure Warning System
F1530 ALocking and deadlockingrelay
F1740 AHeated rear screen - heated door mirrors

Fuses under the bonnet

Citroën C5 II RD/TD Fuse box fuses under the bonnet
Fuse N°RatingFunction
F120 AEngine control unit
F215 AHorn
F310 AScreen wash pump
F410 AHeadlamp wash pump
F515 AStarter
F610 AAirfl ow sensor - Directional headlamps -Diagnostic socket
F710 AAutomatic gear lever lock - Power steering
F825 AStarter motor
F910 AClutch switch - Stop switch
F1030 AActuator motors
F1140 AAir conditioning blower
F1230 AWipers
F1340 ABSI supply (ignition on)
F1430 A-
F1510 ARight-hand main beam
F1610 ALeft-hand main beam
F1715 ARight-hand dipped beam
F1815 ALeft-hand dipped beam
F1915 AActuator motors
F2010 AActuator motors
F215 AActuator motors
Fuse N°RatingFunction
F625 ARear 12 V socket (max power: 100 W)
F715 AFoglamps
F820 AAdditional burner (Diesel)
F930 AElectric parking brake

Information about the model

The Citroën C5 is an extended line of automobiles that is produced by a French manufacturer Citroën. The whole family of Citroen C5 was produced between 2001 to 2017. There are two generations. Citroen C5 second generation was officially produced in 2008 as a three-box saloon segment.

Citroen C5 RD/TD: Second Generation

The basic features of this French beauty are massive as it comes with conventional springs and hydropneumatic suspension. It is equipped with 2.7 L Ford AJD-V6/PSA DT17 engines which provide optimal fuel economy. In the subsequent years, it has experienced some of the upgrades which are equipped with 2.0L HDi 140 and the 2.2L HDi 173 engines, with six-speed automatic or manual transmissions. 

There are some of the innovative features that make this car attractive. These models are equipped with an eTouch system that has multiple safety services. These include assistance calls and emergency ones also. The availability of virtual maintenance manuals makes it quite useful. The normal web connection can avail the Eco Driving service, and Citroen independently manages the calls for assistance. 

This system comprises a SIM card with a GPS module that doesn't need a call plan. The system has two buttons "Double Chevron" for assistance calls and "SOS" for emergency

ones. With the emergency calls, the customers get emergency services in no time. These emergent situations can be accidents. These are the free services, and it doesn't cost you an additional penny for setup.

Apart from this specific feature, there are numerous others also that make this car worth every penny. The consecutive upgrades with maximum restyling make it the right choice. There are multiple facelift options available in the year 2012, which includes softer chevron grille, chevron badging, modified badging of C5.

All Citroën C5 II RD/TD info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Citroën C5 II RD/TD (2008-2017) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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