Citroën C5 I DC/DE (2000-2008) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Dashboard fuses

Citroën C5 I DC/DE Fuse box dashboard fuses

Fusebox A

G305AHeated rear view mirrors
G315ARain and brightness sensor
G325ASeat belt not fastened warning lamps
G335AElectrochrome rear view mirrors
G3420ASunroof (saloon)
G355APassenger door lighting - Passenger rear view mirror adjustment
G3630AElectric tailgate (Tourer)
G3720AHeated front seats
G3830ADriver’s electric seat
G3930APassenger’s electric seat - HIFI amplifier
G403ATrailer relay unit supply

Fusebox B

G3615A6 speed automatic gearbox
G365A4 speed automatic gearbox
G3710ADaytime-running lamps - Diagnostic socket
G3910AHydraulic suspension
G403ASTOP switch

Fusebox C

F115ARear screen wipe (Tourer)
F230ALocking and deadlocking relay
F410AAutomatic gearbox - Additional heater unit (Diesel) - Electrochrome rear view mirrors
F530AFront window - Sun roof - Passenger door lighting - Passenger rear view mirror adjustment
F630ARear window
F75AVanity mirror lighting – Glove box lighting – Interior lamps - Torch (Tourer)
F820ARadio - CD changer - Controls at the steering wheel – Display – Tyre deflation detection - Electric boot ECU
F930ACigar-lighter - Front 12V socket
F1015AAlarm - Controls on the steering wheel, signalling and screen wipe controls
F1115ALow current anti-theft switch
F1215ADriver’s electric seat - Instrument panel - Seat belt not fastened warning lamps- Air conditioning controls
F135AEngine relay unit - Hydraulic suspension pump cut-off relay - Airbag ECU supply
F1415ARain and brightness sensor - Parking assistance - Passenger’s electric seat - Trailer relay unit - HIFI amplifier ECU - Hands-free kit - Lane Departure Warning System
F1530ALocking and deadlocking relay
F1740AHeated rear screen - Exterior heated rear view mirrors

Under the bonnet

Citroën C5 I DC/DE Fuse box under the bonnet

To access the fusebox under the bonnet, undo each screw by a 1/4 turn. After a repair, take care to reclose the cover.

F120AEngine control unit
F310AScreen wash pump
F410AHeadlamp wash pump
F610AAir flow meter - Directional headlamps - Diagnos-
F710AAutomatic gearbox lever lock - Power steering
F910AClutch switch - STOP switch
F1140AAir conditioning blower
F1340ABSI supply (ignition on)
F1510ARight-hand main beam
F1610ALeft-hand main beam
F1715ARight-hand dipped beam
F1815ALeft-hand dipped beam

On the battery

Citroën C5 I DC/DE Fuse box on the battery

To access the fusebox on the battery, detach and remove the cover.

After a repair, take care to reclose the cover. If the cover is not correctly positioned or not properly closed, this could cause serious problems on your vehicle. For the same reason, take care not to spill any liquid in the fusebox.

F625ARear 12V socket
F820AAdditional burner (Diesel)
F930AElectric parking brake

Information about the model

The Citroën C5 is an extended line of automobiles that is produced by a French manufacturer Citroën. The whole family of Citroen C5 was produced between 2001 and 2017. There are two generations. Citroen C5 first generation was officially produced in 2000 as a five-door hatchback or five-door estate styles only.

Citroen C5: First Generation

The production for this model commenced in 2000 and the sales at the start of the financial year 2001. With the due course of time, it has experienced different changes in the system, such as mechanical height correctors are replaced with electronic sensors. It helps the car to adapt the automatic control ride height. With this, it is easy to attain smooth riding on low speeds as well. 

The different variants of this first generation C5 come with 1.8 and 2.0 liter straight-4 and 3.0-liter V6 petrol engines. In addition to that, it has 1.6, 2.0, and 2.2-liter direct injection diesel engines. The consecutive models are equipped with manual control of ride height that provides effective riding on bumpy roads.

When it comes to getting some of the innovative technical features, then this French beauty has all of them. The hyperactive technology is among the best one that provides significant help in riding. The Citroën also experimented with brakes and steering as they don't use hydraulic systems for the suspension. 

The breakthrough for this model is its hydropneumatic features that help to increase the quality of riding and control. Apart from these specifications, some facelift options are lengthened from 181.8 into 186.8 in for hatchback, and the wagon has been lengthened from 187.2 into 190.6in.

Overall this car is beneficial for those who emphasize riding rather than other accessories. However, it has all the efficient features from the quality infotainment system to convincing looks.

All Citroën C5 I DC/DE info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Citroën C5 I DC/DE (2000-2008) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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Hola amigos tengo un problema con mi c5 año 2003 motor 2.0 sx gasolinero, tuve una colision en la parte delantera por el copiloto, la cual activo las cortinas de la bolsa de aire, despues de ese choque el carro no me volvió a encender más, lo lleve a un eléctrico que lo revise y me dijo que todo los fusibles están bien y el sistema eléctrico también se encuentra en buen estado Quisiera por favor si me podrias ayudar con el diagrama eléctrico

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