Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) Fuse box

Years of production: 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021

The new version of the Chrysler Pacifica Minivan in 2021 is an éclairs quality of minivan. It is like a whole world that you can carry about with an excellent grip, high-quality engine, and a good hold for cargo. Riding this car will give you a feeling as if you are carrying all the things you can take along for a family trip by car.

The Dimensions

The car's length is 203.6 inches, with a breadth of about 79.6 inches and a height of about 70.5 inches. The base of the wheels is 121.6 inches.

The Cargo Hold

This minivan's most gleaming feature is the cargo space, which totals up to 140.5 cubic feet. It is 32.3 cubic feet at the back and 87.5 cubic feet at the end of the second row. 


It is designed with three-row sitting arrangements. It is quite comfortable for eight people. The seats are very widely spread, which helps you to sit in a relaxing way. The upholstery is supreme. The leather is used from Nappa. It has a power adjusted seat for the driver as well as for the front seats. The third row of seats is featured with the power fold techniques. The car is designed with a power liftgate.

Safety features

The car is designed with exceptional headlights and rear lights and various safety features like parking sensors, a rearview camera, emergency brakes, rain-sensing wipers, collision sensors, and traffic alert, etcetera. 

The feature list is found to be very long in the car market. If you want to go for a world tour in a car, then Chrysler Pacifica Minivan is the ultimate choice.

Power Distribution Center

Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) Fuse box power distribution center

The fuses are grouped into a controller located in the engine compartment

The Power Distribution Center is located in the engine compartment near the battery. This center contains cartridge fuses, mini-fuses, micro-fuses, circuit breakers and relays. A label that identifies each component is printed on the inside of the cover.

Before any procedure is done on the PDC, make sure engine is turned off.

Remove the cover by unlatching the two locks located at each side of the PDC cover, avoid the usage of screw drivers or any other tool to remove the cover, since they may apply excessive force and result in a broken/damaged part.

CavityCartridge FuseBlade FuseDescription
F06Not Used
F0725 Amp ClearIgnition Coil/Fuel Injector
F08Not Used
F0925 Amp ClearAmplifier/ANC
F10Not Used
F11Not Used
F125 Amp TanBattery Sensor (IBS)
F1310 Amp RedECM (ESS Only)
F1410 Amp RedECM
F1540 Amp GreenCBC FEED #3 (Power Locks)
F1620 Amp YellowECM
F1730 Amp PinkStarter
F1840 Amp GreenCBC Feed #4 (Exterior Lighting #1)
F1925 Amp Clear2nd Row Folding Seats Solenoid LT
F2010 Amp RedA/C Compressor Clutch
F2125 Amp Clear2nd Row Folding Seat Solenoid RT
F22Not Used
F23Not used
F2420 Amp YellowRR Wiper
F25A10 Amp RedHANDSFREE LT & RT RR Door release mod
F25B10 Amp RedActive Grill Shutter/ PWR Mirror
F2640 Amp GreenFront HVAC Blower Motor
F2725 Amp ClearRR Slide Door Module-RT
F28A10 Amp RedDiagnostic Report
F28B10 Amp RedUSB + AUX PORT / Video USB Port
F29Not Used
F30A15 Amp BlueMedia HUB 1&2
F31Not Used
F3220 Amp BlueECM
F3330 Amp PinkPower Liftgate Module
F3425 Amp ClearRR Door Module-LT
F3525 Amp ClearSunroof Control Module
F36Not Used
F3740 Amp GreenCBC Feed #4 (Exterior Lighting #2)
F3860 Amp YellowVacuum Cleaner
F3925 Amp ClearRear HVAC Blower Motor
F40Not Used
F41Not Used
F4240 Amp GreenFolding Seat Module
F4320 Amp YellowFuel Pump Motor
F4430 Amp PinkCBC Feed #1 (Interior Lights)
F4530 Amp PinkPower Inverter
F4630 Amp PinkDriver Door Module
F4730 Amp PinkPassenger Door Module
F48Not Used
F4925 Amp ClearRR Sliding Door Module-LT
F5025 Amp ClearRR Door Module-RT
F5130 Amp PinkFront Wiper
F5230 Amp PinkBrake Vacuum Pump
F53Not Used
F5440 Amp GreenESP-ECU And Valves
F55A15 Amp BlueRadio Frequency HUB/ Keyless ignition system (KIN) / (Electronic Steering Lock- BUX ONLY)
F55B15 Amp BlueDVD / Video Routing Module (VRM
F56A10 Amp RedFront and Rear HVAC Control Module / Occupant Classification Module (OCM)/ Electronic Steering Lock (ESL)
F56B10 Amp RedESP/ESC
F57Not Used
F58Not Used
F5930 Amp PinkTrailer Tow Receptacle — If Equipped
F6020 Amp YellowRear Cargo APO
F6120 Amp YellowTrailer Tow Right Stop/Turn — If Equipped
F62Not Used
F6320 Amp YellowTrailer Tow Left Stop/Turn — If Equipped
F6415 Amp BlueRT HID Headlamp
F65Not Used
F6615 Amp BlueInstrument Panel Cluster (IPC)
F6710 Amp RedHaptic Lane Feedback Module (HALF) / Parktronics System (PTS)/Drivers Assist System Module (DASM)
F68Not Used
F69Not Used
F70Not Used
F7120 Amp YellowHorn
F7210 Amp RedHeated Mirrors If Equipped
F7330 Amp PinkRear Defroster (EBL)
F7420 Amp BlueTrailer Tow Backup
F755 Amp TanOverhead Console / RR ISC
F7620 Amp YellowUconnect/DCSD/Telematics
F77A10 Amp RedRR Entertainment Screen 1 & 2/Media HUB 1 & 2/3rd Row USB Charge Only/ 2nd Row USB Charge Only/Vaccum Cleaner SW/3rd Row Recline ST SW/LT & RT Stow N Go SW/LT & RT Sliding Door SW Backlight
F77B10 Amp RedRain Sensor/Sunroof /CRVMM
F78A15 Amp BlueTransmission control Module (TCM)/ E-Shifter
F78B15 Amp BlueInstrument Cluster
F7910 Amp RedICS/Front And Rear HVAC/ SCCM/ EPB
F80Not Used
F81Not Used
F82Not Used
F8320 Amp BlueTT Park Lights — If Equipped
F8330 Amp PinkHeadlamp Washer Pump — If Equipped
F84Not Used
F8520 Amp YellowCigar Lighter
F86Not Used
F87Not Used
F8820 Amp YellowFront Heated Seats
F8920 Amp YellowRear Heated Seats
F90Not Used
F9115 Amp BlueFront Ventilated Seats/Heated Steering Wheel
F925 Amp TanSecurity Gateway
F93Not Used
F9440 Amp GreenESC Motor Pump
F95A10 Amp RedUSB Charge Port — ACC RUN
F95B10 Amp RedSelectable Fuse Location
F9610 Amp RedOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC) (Airbag)
F9710 Amp RedOccupant Restraint Controller (ORC) (Airbag)
F9815 Amp BlueLeft HID Headlamp
F9930 Amp PinkTrailer Tow Module - If Equipped
F100A10 Amp RedAHLM
F100B10 Amp RedRear Camera/LBSS/RBSS/CVPM/ Humidity Sensor/In Vehicle Temperature Sensor
CB125 AmpPower Seats (Driver)
CB225 Amp *Power Seats (Pass)
CB325 AmpFRT PWR Window W/O Door Nodes + RR PWR Window Lockout
All Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Chrysler Pacifica (minivan) (2017-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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