BMW E60 (2003-2010) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010

Glove box

BMW E60 Fuse box glove box
ABS, DSC1,25
Active roll stabilisation32
Active seat, left31
Active seat, right33
Active steering4
A/C blower3
A/C automatic30
A/C basic26
CD cganger38
Central locking, front left door10
Central locking, front right door12
Central locking system11,27
Cruise control28
Diesel-burning heater2
DVD changer40
Engine fan9
Engine management8
Headlight cleaning system18,27
Heated seat, left31
Heated seat, right33
Heated steering wheel28
Ignition/starter electronics7,15
Independent heater20
Instrumental cluster13
Interior lights11,27
Satellite radio10
Seat adjustement, left14
Seat adjustement, ight21
Secondary air pump2
Window lift, driver10,11
150 A
250 A
340 A
440 A
550 A
650 A
750 A
860 A
960 A
1030 A
115 A
1230 A
137.5 A
1430 A
155 A
1630 A
17- A
1830 A
195 A
2020 A
2130 A
2230 A
2320 A
2430 A
2530 A
267.5 A
2730 A
2820 A
2910 A
3015 A
3130 A
3210 A
3330 A
3420 A
355 A
385 A
3930 A
4010 A
4130 A

Luggage compartment

BMW E60 Fuse box luggage compartment
Adaptive head light70
Aerial amplifier77
Air suspension72,79
Alarm system51
Automatic-dip mirror63
Automatic-luggage comp. lid76
Cigarette lighter61,82
Cruise control84
Current monitoring52,57,60
Fuel pump50,
Garage door opener63
Heated rear window58
Head-up-display (HUD)65
Luggage compartment fan89
On-board computer64
Radio amplifier80
Rain sensor55
Rear seat heating54,62
Rear wiper71
Roller sun blind88
Seat occupancy sensing68
Sequential manual gearbox86,89
Soft close (real lid)53
Steering column adjustment88
Trailer coupling73,74
Transfer box75
Video uit67


5020 A
515 A
5210 A
537.5 A
5420 A
555 A
567.5 A
5720 A
5840 A
607.5 A
6120 A
625 A
635 A
6410 A
6510 A
665 A
6710 A
685 A
695 A
705 A
7120 A
7240 A
7330 A
7420 A
7530 A
7640 A
775 A
797.5 A
8030 A
8220 A
8320 A
8410 A
8615 A
8830 A
8910 A

Information about the model

Some cars are coined as an ultimate driving machine; BMW E60 is among those cars that carry the literal meaning of an ultimate driving machine. This beast from BMW is a par grade, sleek, and a stylish looking machine that has all the compelling features which make it one heck of a car. This specific model is a class apart, limousine type car that has been aggressively styled.

The production of the BMW E60 was in 2003, which was successively revised with different variants of the same model. The BMW E60 model is an affordable machine that is equipped with optimal fuel economy. The latest one has all the updates which make it an all-rounder. When it comes to other features such as interior, then one can expect a top level of craftsmanship.

This model is the product of extensive styling by BMW. The attractive design and all the elegant proportions of the car make it quite trendy. The use of premium materials in the interior provides a plush feel as it is of optimal quality. The overall height of the car makes it quite apt for those who are concerned with the legroom and headroom. Five passengers can easily occupy the spacious rear seat. With the decent size of the boot, it acquires the top place among the entire sedan.

As there are different variants available for the same vehicle according to the numerous options for an engine that goes up to V8. The engine comes explicitly with 2.5 litres and 3.0 litre for the base model, but for V8 you will get 4.0litre to 4.8 litres of the engine. These are the features that make it quite apt for those who want to get a plush and performance-oriented car at the same time. With the brand value of BMW, this car is in a top place in its segment.

All BMW E60 info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual BMW E60 (2003-2010) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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