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Years of production: 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002

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Luggage compartment

6 months ago by t0z
BMW E39 Fuse box - luggage compartment

Models (petrol engines): 520i, 523i, 525i, 528i, 530i, 535i, 540i and M5

Models (diesel engines): 520d, 525d, 525td, 525tds and 530d

Fuses in the luggage compartment

Use the handle to pull down the trim on the right wall.

A list of the fuses, their respective ampere ratings and the equipment in their circuits is provided on the rear of the side trim.

Fuses in the luggage compartment in sport wagon model

Open the right access door by pressing the button and pull the trim panel to the side.

A list of the fuses, their respective ampere ratings and the equipment in their circuits is provided on the rear of the side trim panel.

If a subwoofer* is installed, loosen the T-screw and swing the subwoofer to the side

Luggage compartment fuse box description and location

ABS Diesel17, 30
ABS gasoline30, 31
Air conditioner9, 20
Airbag40, 42
Anti-glare inside mirror21
Automatic stability control8, 17, 31
Auxiliary fan7,20, 22, 75
Brake light41
Central locking system6, 27, 29
Charging socket39
Courtesy mirror illumination39
Diagnostic plug15, 38
Driver seat adjustment13, 21
Electric seat heating32
Engine control14, 15
Fuel pump31, 17
Garage door opener21
Headlight cleaning system2
Heated rear window20
Heated steering wheel34
Heated washer jets9
Heater20, 23
Heater blower76
Horn3, 38
Immobilizer12, 37
Independent heater23
Instrument cluster18, 24, 40
Light module16, 41
Multi-function steering wheel44
Multi-information display25, 44
On-board monitor43, 56, 58
Outside mirror adjustment6, 29
Passenger comp./trunk lighting4
Passenger seat adjustment10
Radio25, 43, 44
Roller sun blind45
Shifting gate illumination24, 38
Sliding/tilt roof5
Speed control41
Steering column adjustment13
Telephone43, 44
Thermal sensor21
Tyre pressure control system24
Window lift6, 27, 29
Windscreen washer system4, 2
Windscreen wiper1
Fuse nr.Amperes
230 A
315 A
420 A
520 A
630 A
720 A
830 A
915 A
1030 A
117.5 A
125 A
1330 A
157.5 A
165 A
1710 A
185 A
195 A
207.5 A
215 A
2230 A
2310 A
245 A
257.5 A
2730 A
2930 A
3025 A
3110 A
3215 A
3410 A
375 A
385 A
397.5 A
405 A
415 A
425 A
435 A
445 A
457.5 A

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2 months ago

Where is the fuse for the Head lights? I have a 2002 BMW 530i E39, and I don't in your list the Headlights fuse.

[email protected]

2 months ago

where is Fuse #75 in the list?

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