Audi Q7 4M - Fuse box

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Location and meaning

1 year ago by t0z
Audi Q7 4M Fuse box - location and meaning

A fuse that has blown will have metal strips that have burned through.

A - Driver footwell (left-hand drive vehicle): foot rest

B - Front passenger footwell (right-hand drive vehicle): cover

C - Driver's side of the cockpit (left-hand drive vehicle/right-hand drive vehicle): cover

D - Left side of luggage compartment: cover

Fuse color identification

ColorCurrent rating in amps
Light brown5
White or transparent25

Drivers/front passengers footwell

1 year ago by t0z
Audi Q7 4M Fuse box - drivers/front passengers footwell

Fuse panel A (brown)
2Mass airflow sensor, camshaft adjustment, charge air cooler pump
3Exhaust doors, fuel injectors, radiator inlet
4Vacuum pump, hot water pump, particulate sensor, biodiesel sensor
5Brake light sensor
6Engine valves, camshaft adjustment
7Heated oxygen sensor, mass airflow sensor
8Water pump, high pressure pump, high pressure regulator valve
9Hot water pump
10Oil pressure sensor, oil temperature sensor
11Clutch pedal position sensor
12Engine valves
13Radiator fan
14Fuel injectors
15Ignition coils
16Fuel pump
Fuse panel B (red)
1Ignition coils
2Engine valves
5Engine mount
7Instrument panel
8Climate control system (blower)
Fuse panel C (black)
1Front seat heating
2Windshield wipers
3Left headlight electronics
4Panorama glass roof
5Left front door control module
7Right rear door control module
9Right headlight electronics
10Windshield washer system/headlight washer system
11Left rear doo r contro l module
Fuse panel D (brown)
1Seat ventilation, seat heating, rearview mirror, climate control system, rear climate control system controls
2Gateway, climate control system
3Sound actuator/exhaust sound tuning
4Transmission heating valve
5Engine start
8Night vision assist, HomeLink
9Adaptive cruise contro l
11Video camera
12Matrix LED headlight/right LED headlight
13Matrix LED headlight/left LED headlight
14Rear window wiper
Fuse panel E (red)
1Anti-theft alarm system
2Engine control module
3Lumbar support
4Automatic transmission selector mechanism
6Electromechanical parking brake
7Gateway control module
8Inter ior headliner lights
10Airbag control module
11Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
12Diagnostic connector, light/rain sensor
13Climate control system
14Right front door control module
15A/C compressor

Drivers side of the cockpit

1 year ago by t0z
Audi Q7 4M Fuse box - drivers side of the cockpit

4Head-up display
5Audi music interface, USB charging port
6Front climate control system controls
7Steering column lock
8Infotainment system display
9Instrument cluster
10Infotainment unit
11Light switch
12Steering column electronics
14Infotainment system
15Power steering column adjustment
16Steer ing wheel heating

Left side of the luggage compartment

1 year ago by t0z
Audi Q7 4M Fuse box - left side of the luggage compartment

Fuse panel A (black)
5Air suspension
6Automat ic t ransmiss ion
8Rear seat heating
9Tail lights
10Left safety belt tensioner
11Central locking system
12Electric lug gage compartment lid
Fuse panel B (red)
1Rear blower control
2Sound amplifier
3AdBlue heating
4Rear climate control system control panel
5Trailer hitch (right light)
7Trailer hitch
8Trailer hitch (left light)
9Trailer hitch (socket)
10Sport differential
11AdBlue heating
12Third row seats
Fuse panel C (brown)
3Lumbar support
4Audi side assist
8Smart module (tank)
9CD /DVD player
13Rearview camera, peripheral cameras
14Right tail lights
16Right safety belt tensioner
Fuse panel D (red)

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