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Driver side cockpit fuse assignment

1 year ago by t0z
Audi A6 C7 Fuse box - driver side cockpit fuse assignment

Fuse panel A - black

1Switch panel, seat heating, starting assist, control module5
2Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror5
4Suspension control system sensor5
5ESC control module5
6Vehicle electrical system control module 1, Vehicle electrical system control module 25
7Audi adaptive cruise control10
8Airbag control module, front passenger's seat sensor system5
10Homelink (garage door opener), night vision system control module5
11Image processing (Audi active lane assist, Audi adaptive cruise control)10
13Terminal 15 in the luggage compartment15
14Terminal 15 in the instrument panel (front passenger's side)30
15Terminal 15 engine15

Fuse panel B - brown

2Climate control10
3ESC control module10
4Front door (driver's side)30
5Power seat adjustment (driver's seat)7.5
8Rear door control module (driver's side)15
9Lumbar support (Front passen ger seat)5
11Sunroof, rear spoiler (Sportback)20
12Driver door control module15

Fuse panel C - red

2Fuel pump25
3Brake light sensor/brake pedal sensor system5/5
4Engine acoustics7.5
5Rear door control module (driver's side)30
6Left rear seat7.5
8Windshield wiper30
9Light/rain sensor5
10Lumbar support (driver seat)5
11Front passenger door control module15
12Right rear door control modu le15

Front passenger side cockpit fuse assignment

1 year ago by t0z
Audi A6 C7 Fuse box - front passenger side cockpit fuse assignment

Fuse panel A - black

1Head-up Display5
2MMI Display5
3CD/DVD changer5
4MMI unit/drives7.5
5Chip card reader (not in all countries)5
6Instrument cluster5
7Steering column switch module5
8Headlight range adjustment/adaptive lighting system5/7,5
10Left headlight (headlight with adaptive light)7.5

Fuse panel B - brown

1Climate control10
2Climate control system blower40
3Diagnostic connector10
4Electrical ignition lock5
5Power steering column adjustment5
6Steering column switch module10
7Power steering column adjustment25
8Light switch5

Luggage compartment fuse assignment

1 year ago by t0z
Audi A6 C7 Fuse box - luggage compartment fuse assignment

Fuse panel A - black

4Electromechanical parking brake30
5Electraomechanical parking brake30
6Front door (front passenger's side)30
7Rear exterior lighting30
8Rear sun shade, closing aid, luggage compartment lock, convenience key, START ENGINE STOP, fuel filler door20
9Power seat adjustment15
10Parking system5
11Rear seat heating30

Fuse panel B - red

1Left belt tensioner25
2Right belt tensioner25
5Electrome chanical parking brake5
6adaptive airsuspension15
7Rear door (front passenger's side)30
8Rear exterior lighting30
9Luggage compartment lid control module30
11Sound amplifier30
12Rear spoiler (Sportback)20

Fuse panel C - brown

1Radio receiver, Sound amplifier/MMI unit/drives30/20
2Tank leak detection system5
4AEM control module/battery module10/15
6Battery fan35
7Radio receiver7.5
8Rear seat entertainment7.5
9Automatic dimming interior rearview mirror/battery module5/15
10Parking system5

Fuse panel D - green

1Audi pre sense5
2Electromechanical parking brake5
3Adaptive air suspension5
4Automatic transmission7.5
5Parking system5
6Rear Seat Entertainment5
7Start-Stop System5
8Audi side assist5
9Gateway, Vehicle electrical system control module 15
10Sport differential5

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1 year ago

Can anybody helpm me where I can find the fusebox for trailerhook lights?
My car , audi Q7/2008 have a factoryinstyalled trailerhook. Brakelights are not working.
Have searched a lot but can't find where fuses are located.</p><p>Many thanks in advance,

10 months ago

Hi got audia6 c7 2015 and obd port no working can bee a fues thanks

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