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“Just as your car runs more smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther when the wheels are in perfect alignment, you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, emotions, goals, and values are in balance” -Brian Tracy (CEO of Brian Tracy International)

Audi has continued to produce amazing and classy models since 1994 that can give you the royal feel of driving a wonderful car. The latest innovation from Audi offers "A-six". It has replaced the very successful 100 models and immediately followed in the footsteps of its predecessor, winning a strong position in the market and becoming one of the leading players in its class.

This is evidenced by not only good sales but also numerous awards won in prestigious competitions, including the triumph in the World Car of the Year 2005 plebiscite. Currently, the fourth generation of the model is available on the market.

The all-new Audi A6 C6 will definitely convince buyers with rich equipment, modern technology, and versatility at the highest level along with a mind-blowing Audi a6 c6 fuse box.


This extraordinary car offers a total of three fuse boxes. The first one is located at the driver’s side on the dashboard. To open that, all you need to do is to open the door and remove the side dash by pushing it. It consists of a lot of functionalities like power steering, trailer hitch, climate control system and many more.

The second one is located at the dashboard of the passenger's side. You can simply open the door and remove the side dash cover to unlock this. CD changer, display, blower, light switch, instrument cluster, and many more functionalities can be controlled from here.

The third one of the Audi A6 C6 fuse boxes are located at the right side of the luggage compartment. It acquires functionalities like rear exterior lightings, seat heating, right and left safety belt tensioner, tank leak detection, tail lights, parking heater, air suspension and many more.


This is one of the most important parameters while talking about a car with a combi-body. There are many interior design options and numerous solutions to make the journey of this middle-class combo more attractive.

On the list of the standard equipment of the new Audi A6 C6, we can find at least a rich package of security assisting systems, including lighting systems, driver support systems, and passive safety systems, front LED headlights. The HD Matrix LED lights with high-resolution high-beam lights are also available for an additional charge.

As a standard, all engines installed in the new Audi A6 C6 are equipped with a mild hybrid system with 48-volt electrical installation, which translates mainly to slightly lower fuel consumption in real road conditions. At the initial sales stage, the offer only includes a three- liter TDI engine with a power of 286 hp (50 TDI version), whose torque on all wheels (Quattro system) is transmitted via the Tiptronic transmission.

Inside the command center is the touch screen of the MMI touch response system. Like the bottom screen, also located on the center tunnel console, it is slightly facing towards the driver. With an upgrade to the basic version, there are Sport equipment lines and the S line sports package. Each of them has its own individual color concept. The S-style exterior design package can also be added to all equipment lines.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to experience the amazing thrill of flying high with wheels on the ground!

Dash panel location

3 years ago by jossi
Audi A6 C6 Fuse box - dash panel location

Fuse box located on the left side of dash panel.

Dash panel location 2

3 years ago by jossi
Audi A6 C6 Fuse box - dash panel location 2

Fuse box located on the right side of dash panel.

Trunk location

3 years ago by jossi
Audi A6 C6 Fuse box - trunk location

Fuse box in the trunk of the car.

Trunk fuse box diagram

No.Electrical equipmentamps
Fuse carrier (black)--
1Digital Signal Processing (DSP) / BOSE amplifier30
2MMI, aerial amplifier5
3Electro-mechanical parking brake, left-side30
4Electro-mechanical parking brake, right-side30
5Luggage compartment socket20
6Battery power management5
7Smart power module, rear (right lights)20
8Smart power module (convenience)5
9Smart power module, rear (left lights)30
10Electric windows (right side of vehicle)35
11Left-hand drive vehicles: Parking aid; Right-hand drive vehicles: Cigarette lighter, front5;20
12Cigarette lighter, rear20
Fuse carrier (brown)--
1Reversing camera5
2Power-operated tailgate (Avant)30
3Power-operated tailgate (Avant)30
4Power-operated tailgate (Avant)20
5Communication, aerial amplifier5
6TV tuner5
8Auxiliary heating20
9Digital tuner5
10Control unit for towing bracket15
11Towing bracket (left lights)15
12Towing bracket (right lights)15

Dash panel diagram

3 years ago by jossi
Audi A6 C6 Fuse box - dash panel diagram

Left side of dash panel

No.Electrical equipmentAmps
3Engine management5
4Oil level sensor5
5Air conditioner, tyre pressure monitoring system5
6Electronic stabilisation program (ESP), clutch sensor5
7Diagnostic connector5
Control unit for HomeLink®5
9  Automatic anti-dazzle interior mirror5
10  Audi adaptive cruise control5
11  Auxiliary heating5
12  Diagnostic connector10
13  Steering column switch module10
14  Vacant-
15  Instrument cluster, gateway control unit10
16  Telephone / mobile phone5
17  Electronic stabilisation program (ESP)10
18  Headlight electronics (left-side)5
19  Rain sensor5
20  Heated washer jets5
21  Seat adjustment (driver side)10
22  MMI display screen5
23  Electro-mechanical parking brake5
24  Vacant-
25  Vacant-
26  Vacant-
27  Vacant-
28  Vacant-
29  Vacant-
30  Vacant-
31  Reversing light switch, multitronic gearbox, engine component15
32  Smart power output module, drive30
33  Smart power module, driver (left lights)25
34  Smart power module, driver (right lights)25
35  Auxiliary heating20
36  Headlight washers30

37  Electronic stabilisation program (ESP) 25
38Wiper system30
39Door control unit (left-side)15
42Control unit for electronic ignition lock/electric steering column adjustment30
43Rear window wiper (Avant)15
44Electric windows (left side of vehicle)35

Dash panel diagram 2

3 years ago by jossi
Audi A6 C6 Fuse box - dash panel diagram 2

Right side of dash panel

No.Electrical equipmentamps
Fuse carrier (black)--
1Control unit for advanced key15
2Cigarette lighter, front20
3Tyre pressure monitoring system5
5Smart power module, passenger side (glove box release)15
6Door control unit (right-side)15
7Sun roof20
8A/C control console10
9Seat heating, front30
10MMI, aerial amplifier10
11Seat adjustment (passenger side)10
12Media drives, front (MMI)5
Fuse carrier (brown)--
1Electrical fuel pump20/30
2adaptive air suspension15
3Audi lane assist10
5adaptive air suspension5
6Selector gate (automatic gearbox) / clutch switch5
7Parking aid5
8Gateway control unit5
9Dynamic headlight range control (automatic headlights), headlight electronics (right-side)5
11Seat heating, rear5
12Phone pre-installation5
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2 years ago

Very helpful information, you saved a lot of my time! By the way, do you know maybe where can I find wiring diagram for my Audi A6 2006?

2 years ago

Thanks this is very helpful however do you know which fuse is linked to the satellite navigation system please

Rob II
1 year ago

Does not even begin to talk about let alone show the location of the fuses under the hood next to the VIN plate.

What I need to know is what the fuses are under the hood, next to the windshield cowl.

8 months ago

Need a fuses box located in the truck for my Audi A6 Quattro 2.3

D Gates
6 months ago

Fuses for everything. But where is the fuse for the windscreen washer? It is not listed anywhere. Has it not got a fuse? Is it lumped in with wiper system? Or with the headlight washers?

6 months ago

Where is the brake light fuse for Audi 2008 A6 c6 ?? If anyone could helpt would be appreciated

4 months ago

Hi, does anyone know where the fuze for rear number plate light is at? For audi a6 c6 2005

2 months ago

Anyone know where is fuse front lights? Thanks

1 week ago

I am looking for the amplifier wiring diagram for a6 c6 non bose.
Thank you

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