How to reset windshield wiper position?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

How to reset windshield wiper position?

Drives in the countryside or long drives with your friends are always a great way to take a break from your daily lives. But if you were to use your car, you would know that before you take such long road trips, especially in the countryside where not many services are available, you need to check all the parts of your car. One of the most important parts that you should check would be your windshield wipers. Sometimes due to long periods of usage, they may face some problems in functioning properly. But you know what, there are ways by which you can make the situation better by yourself! Want to know how? Then read on!

What is the mechanism of the wipers?

One thing that you should know is that a wiper has a total of three parts- the arm that is attached to the windshield and is treated as the extended part of it, the plastic or metal blade that is attached to the lower arm, and the rubber blade on it that does the actual wiping.

The car wipers work on a rather simple set of principles. It is a combination of different pivotal points and wheels. In simple words, we could explain it in this way that one of the arms of your car wipers is attached with the motor and the other to a pivot. This is one of the simplest designs of car wipers. There are many other windshield wiper geometries available too.

How to reposition car wipers?

Why we first told you about the mechanism of the wipers is because we wanted you to understand the wipers have quite a simple mechanism on which they work. Here are a few simple and easy steps that you can follow if you want to reposition or reset your car wipers.

  1. First and foremost, you have to make sure that the wiper switch is turned off.
  2. The next step is to understand which part of the wiper you need to work on actually. To reposition the wiper you will have to remove the wiper arm from the wiper blade. 
  3. While doing that you will observe a nut there. In most cases, the nut has a plastic dirt cap. Pry it up. 
  4. Adjust the nut in the way you feel is suitable for you and tighten the nut in its place. 
  5. Put the parts back together just as you had opened them.

How to know if the windshield wiper motor is at fault?

Sometimes resetting your windshield wiper position is not a solution to faulty wiper strokes. We talk about resetting or repositioning your wipers only because they tend to get out of shape from all the exposure to rough climate.

However, if your wiper stops midway or does not start at all, then probably it is the problem of the motor. There is a chance that the motor you were provided with was a faulty one. In that way changing the entire motor altogether would be the only option to go with.

While some pieces of jobs seem easy for a lot of people, the same job could seem like a difficult one for others. If changing or resetting the position of your when shield wipers seem like a hectic job to you, you can always consult professionals regarding the same. Having faulty wipers is a worst-case scenario. It would make driving in harsh weather difficult if not impossible. It would thus be an intelligent choice to go to servicing and seek professional help.

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