How to check which size of windshield wipers you need?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

How to check which size of windshield wipers you need?

The need for a windshield wiper doesn't seem to be very paramount until you face very rough weather conditions.  A lot of people tend to overlook the problem which is already existing in the windshield wiper. It can either be associated with the rubber part of the windshield wiper or sometimes the entire windshield wiper would go for a replacement. Replacing the rubber part of the windshield wiper is a very easy process. All you need is a good pair of nose pliers.

What do you need to do to find the size of the windshield wiper?

It's not a daunting task to change the windshield wiper of your car.  There are certain things you need to keep in mind while checking for the size of the windshield wiper you need for your car.  It is always recommended to buy a size of the windshield wiper, which goes well with the model, make, and brand of the car.  No, the one-size-fits-all approach works well for the windshield wipers. Some of the methods to check the size is given below.

Use the user manual

Every single car comes along with a user instruction manual. The size of the windshield wiper is mentioned in the manual.  This is one of the simplest ways to check the size of the windshield wiper for your car.

Visit an auto spare parts store

One can either go to the auto spare parts brick and mortar type of store or look out for their website online. A size finder application is embedded in the website of the auto spare parts store. This provides the user with the size of the windshield wiper based on the brand model and the make of the car.  This is the option any vehicle owner would prefer in case he's unable to find the user instruction manual for his vehicle.  Any proper and well-reputed or spare parts company would have a separate section for windshield wipers.

Measure the size of the windshield wiper using a tape

Any car owner must keep this option as a last resort. Using a tape to measure the size of the windshield wiper would give one the approximate size of the wiper. However, there could be variations in the size of the windshield wiper bought from the store and the measured size.

Check online

There are a lot of online services where you can choose your car and check the size of the wipers, like https://www.mywipersize.com/

Why size is important in a windshield wiper?

Very few are aware of the fact that the size windshield wiper on the driver side and the passenger side is sometimes different. Some attention has to be provided before buying the windshield wiper. It is recommended to re-check the size of the windshield wiper before fixing it to your vehicle.

Oversized wipers

The problem associated with oversized wipers is that the blades might damage each other due to their long size. Due to the continuous friction caused by the wipers to each other, the motor tends to get damaged and the working of the motor gets disrupted.

Undersized windshield wipers

When the size of the windshield wipers is way less than the size of the windshield, then the clearing process of the windshield wiper is not accomplished fully. One can experience a lot of visibility issues. The purpose of the windshield wiper wouldn't get fulfilled.

What are the signs which indicate your windshield needs replacement?

The size of the windshield wiper is considered when the windshield wiper is damaged.  There are certain signs which show that the windshield wiper is no longer in proper working condition:

  1. When the blade sticks to the windshield 
  2. When the blade makes scratch marks on the windshield.
  3. When the wiper makes a squeaky noise

By making use of the recommendation and the points mentioned above one can choose the proper and the right size for your windshield wipers. Having a proper windshield wiper is not a luxury but ensures the safety of the passengers within the space of the car. Also, don't wait for the time when there is a hailstorm of bad weather condition to go for a change of the wiper. Prevention is better than cure.

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