How to reset tire pressure sensors?

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How to reset tire pressure sensors?
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  1. Resetting Tire Pressure Sensor

A tire pressure sensor is a tiny electronic device, which can be programmed to reset when it malfunctions. The wheel and the tire make a pressurized pocket where the sensor is placed. It constantly checks the air pressure inside the tires. The pressure sensor transmits information in the form of low-frequency radio to the vehicle's computer. If your vehicle has a corresponding display screen fitted, the pressure details will be reflected on the screen too.

The readings are available in pounds per inch. The car owner would receive an illuminating light as a warning if the tire pressure in any of the tires is low. Tire sensors make an important part of the tire pressure monitoring system. This system has been made compulsory in foreign states and to date, more than millions of such systems have been installed in passenger vehicles to maintain the security of passengers and drivers. This article has discussed what can be done to reset the tire sensors.

Resetting Tire Pressure Sensor

When the sensors don't function properly, car owners do not come to know if their tires are in proper shape. If your tire sensors malfunction, in any case, follow the steps mentioned below.

Inspect the type of TPMS mechanism

If there's a direct system installed in your car, resetting the tire sensors is an easy process. You only have to press the reset button on the dashboard as indicated by the car's manual. However, if there's an indirect system installed, the sensors have to be reset using any scanning device or magnet. You can do it yourself or from a professional mechanic. In some cars, one can find the reset button inside the glove box. You have to press it and hold it down for about 4 seconds and keep the ignition on at the same time.

Pump the tires

Ensure that all tires a properly inflated. You must remember that you are resetting the tire sensors to zero so you have to inflate them to the maximum. Else the sensors will not be scaled properly, thus giving you incorrect readings.

Check the battery

If the tire sensors are powered by batteries, make sure the battery is working. You can replace them at regular intervals, after every five years. If the sensors have inbuilt batteries in them, you might have to replace the entire sensor unit, when the batteries are dead.

Recalibrate the transponders

Every wheel has a transponder. Every time the wheel rotates, the responder changes its location and the TPMS system receives the new locations. However, this release in the mechanism of the TPMS system varies from vehicle to vehicle. You can get a detailed analysis of its mechanism from the TPMS chart in your manual.

Use the magnet method

With the ignition on and the engine off, press both the unlock and lock buttons on your key fob. Now, keep a magnet over the two-valve stems until the horn chips for each of the two in the following order: left front, right front, right rear, left rear respectively. Inspect the pressure readings which are displayed on the driver's information center.

Use the scan tool method

If you do not have to replace your tire sensors, you can follow the procedure for resetting them as the manual asks you to do. 

Due to the malfunctioning of the tire sensors, if you think tire pressures are extremely low, you can replace the tires with spare tires and take the car to the local store to get all repairs done. They will first inspect your vehicle's tire pressure and then conduct a test on all tires to find out what's causing the issue. Once they find out what's the problem, they will do the needful and get your car back on track safely.

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