Can I drive a car with a broken water pump?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

Can I drive a car with a broken water pump?

The water pump keeps your engine cool and the cooling system works perfectly. Especially during the summer days, your car requires a constant coolant flow from the radiator to the engine and ensures that it stays cool. The water pump helps to maintain the consistency of the operating temperature of the engine. The water pump needs to run well as it will keep the running temperature constant and your engine will be able to operate efficiently. If there are signs of a bad water pump in your car, it can harm the engine. The water pump is usually located below the timing belt cover at the side of the engine. The pump runs with the help of the engine's drive belt. The blades of the water pump emit out coolant oil through the engine block that comes back to the radiator to get cooled by a cooling fan.

Problems of water pump

If the water pump of your car is causing a problem, it is best to understand the root cause. Some of the reasons why a water pump can fail are mentioned below:

  • The engine coolant has not been changed for a long time. It creates rust buildups and grime that lead to ruining the water pump.
  • The seal of the pump can become fragile and worn out with time. It has the potential to cause a leak.
  • Sometimes the belt that is connected to the water pump is extremely tight. This leads to putting extra pressure on the bearing and the shaft, which can result in leakage and tear
  • The broken bearing of the water pump hampers the pump's rotation and causes the engine to overheat.
  • The gasket can sometimes get worn out with passing time and therefore can leak.

When should you consult an expert?

Here are some of the signs of water pump failure. You should consult a mechanic as soon as you witness the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal sounds - If you hear some bizarre noise from the engine's pump, it indicates the loose belt of the water pump. Loose pulley and damaged bearing can make the belt baggy and you can get a whining sound when the loose belts circulate inside the pump.
  • The outflow of liquid - Coolant leakage is one of the symptoms of a faulty water pump. Leakage from any portion of the car is considered bad. If you can trace some green color liquid spilled right beside your card, you should check the water pump.
  • Steam or smoke in the car - Smoke is one of the assured signs of water pump failure. If you witness smoke, stop the car immediately and consult a mechanic. When the engine near the fan of the pump gets damaged and created steam or smoke common out from the radiator.
  • Overheating of the engine - If your engine experiences overheating, it can be because of the damaged water pump. The water pump and overheated engine can affect each other by adding coolant to the engine. A faulty water pump would not be able to cool down the engine and increase the temperature directly.

The water pump has a vital role to play, as it is responsible to ensure the good health of the overall system. If your vehicle experiences any of the symptoms mentioned above, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible. If the bad water pump symptoms are not handled immediately, the situation can get worse. You should refrain from driving with a bad water pump because it can cause serious damage to the engine of your car.

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