Mazda CX 5 KF - Fuse box

Years of production: 2017 2018 2019

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Fuse block (Engine compartment)

1 week ago by t0z
Mazda CX 5 KF Fuse box - fuse block (engine compartment)

Your vehicle's electrical system is protected by fuses.

If any lights, accessories, or controls do not work, inspect the appropriate circuit protector. If a fuse has blown, the inside element will be melted.

If the same fuse blows again, avoid using that system and consult an Authorized Mazda Dealer as soon as possible.

1-50 AFor protection of various circuits
2IG230 AFor protection of various circuits
3INJECTOR ENG.SUB30 AEngine control system*
4SCR1 EVVT20 AEngine control system
5P.WINDOW130 APower windows*
7ADD FAN DE40 ACooling fan*
8WIPER.DEI20 AWindshield wiper de-icer*
9DEFOG40 ARear window defogger
11EPB R20 AElectric parking brake (EPB) (RH)
12EPB L20 AElectric parking brake (EPB) (LH)
13AUDIO DCDC REG30 AAudio system*
14FAN GE30 ACooling fan*
15ENG.MAIN40 AEngine control system
16ABS/DSC M50 AABS, Dynamic stability control system
17FAN DE40 ACooling fan*
18WIPER20 AFront window wiper and washer
19HEATER40 AAir conditioner
20ADD FAN GE30 ACooling fan*
21ENGINE.IG17.5 AEngine control system
22C/U IG115 AFor protection of various circuits
23AUDIO27.5 AAudio system
24METER27.5 A
25ENGINE315 AEngine control system
26ENGINE215 AEngine control system
27ENGINE115AEngine control system*
28AT15 ATransaxle control system, Ignition switch
30A/C7.5 AAir conditioner
32HORN15 AHorn
33R.WIPER15 ARear window wiper
34H/L HI20 AHeadlight high beam
35ST.HEATER15 AHeated steering wheel*
36FOG15 AFog lights*
377.5 AEngine control system
38H/L LOW L15 AHeadlight low beam (LH)
39ENGINE415 AEngine control system*
41METER110 AInstrument cluster
42SRS17.5 AAir bag
43BOSE25 ABose® Sound System-equipped model*
44AUDIO115 AAudio system
45ABS/DSC S30 AABS, Dynamic stability control system
46FUEL PUMP15 AFuel system*
47FUEL WARM25 AFuel warmer*
48TAIL15 ATaillights, License plate lights
49SCR2 FUEL PUMP225 AFuel system*
50HAZARD25 AHazard warning flashers, Turn signal lights/Front side-marker lights, Parking lights
51H/L LOW R15 AHeadlight low beam (RH)
52OUTLET25 AAccessory sockets
53STOP10 ABrake lights
54ROOM15 AOverhead light

Fuse block (Left side)

1 week ago by t0z
Mazda CX 5 KF Fuse box - fuse block (left side)

1P.SEAT D30 APower seat*
2P.WINDOW330 APower windows
3R.OUTLET315 AAccessory sockets
4P.WINDOW225 APower windows
6D.LOCK25 APower door locks
7SEAT WARM20 ASeat warmer*
8SUNROOF10 AMoonroof*
9F.OUTLET15 AAccessory sockets
10MIRROR7.5 APower control mirror
12SCR315 AEngine control system*
13SCR415 AEngine control system*
14R.OUTLET215 AAccessory sockets
15USB7.5 AUSB power outlet
16PLG20 APower liftgate*
17M.DEF7.5 AMirror defogger*
18R.SEAT W20 ASeat warmer*
20AT IND7.5 AAT shift indicator
21P.SEAT P30 APower seat*

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