Toyota Tacoma I - Fuse box

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Instrument panel and engine compartment fuses

2 years ago by t0z
Toyota Tacoma I Fuse box - instrument panel and engine compartment fuses

1HEAD (RH)10 A Right−hand headlight
2HEAD (LH)10 A Left−hand headlight
3DRL7.5 A Daytime running light system
4HEAD (HI RH)10 A Right−hand headlight (high beam), high beam indicator light
5HEAD (HI LH)10 A Left−hand headlight (high beam)
6HEAD (LO RH)10A Right−hand headlight (low beam)
7HEAD (LO LH)10 A Left−hand headlight (low beam)
8TAIL10 A Tail lights, licence plate lights
9A.C10 A Air conditioning system
10FOG15 A No circuit
11DOME15 A Car audio system, interior light, clock, personal lights, door courtesy light, day time running light system, gauges and meters
12OBD7.5 A On−board diagnosis system
13EFI20 A Multiport fuel injection system/ sequentialmultiport fuel injection system
14ALT−S7.5 A Charging system
15PWR OUTLET15 A Power outlet
16ECU−IG15 A Cruise control system, anti−lock brake system, automatic transmission shiftlock system, SRS airbag system
17TURN10 A Turn signal lights, emergency flashers
18WIPER20 A Windshield wipers and washer
194WD20 A A.D.D. control system, four−wheel drive controlsystem, rear differential lock system
20ACC15 A Cigarette lighter, clock, power rear view mirrors, back−up lights, automatic transmission shift lock system, SRS airbag system, seat belt pretensioners, car audio system
21GAUGE10 A Day time running light system, back−up lights, cruise control system, rear differential lock system, electronically controlled automatic transmission system, starting system, charging system, air conditioning system
22IGN7.5 A Gauges and meters, SRS airbag system, seat belt pretensioners, multiport fuel injection system/sequential multiport fuel injection system
23ECU−B7.5 A SRS warning light, air conditioning system
24HORN−HAZ15 A Emergency flashers, horns
25STA7.5 A Clutch start cancel system, starting system

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2 years ago

The alarm fuse

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