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Light bulbs

2 years ago by t0z
Toyota Rav4 XA30 Lights - light bulbs

The following illustrations show how to gain access to the bulbs. When replacing a bulb, make sure the ignition switch and light switch are off. Use bulbs with the wattage ratings given in the table. The stop/tail lights and high mounted stoplight consist of a number of LEDs. If any of the LEDs burn out, take your vehicle to your Toyota dealer to have the light replaced. If two or more LEDs in a stop/tail light burn out, your vehicle may not conform to local laws (SAE).

Warning! Only use a bulb of the listed type.
Light bulbsBulb No.WType
Headlights (high)900560A
Headlights (low)900651B
Front turn signal, parking and front side marker lights744321/5C
Front fog lights55D
Rear turn signal lights744021E
Back−up lights92116C
Rear side marker lights5C
License plate light1685C
Interior light8F
Front personal lights8C
Vanity lights8C
Luggage compartment light5E

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