RAM ProMaster III Fuse box

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RAM ProMaster is a front-wheel drive van based on Fiat Ducato, dedicated strictly for US and Canadian market. However standard version of ProMaster is equipped with North American 3.6L Pentastar V6 engine which generates 280 HP.

There are several types of the body configuration in RAM ProMaster. Standard one is cargo van using for delivery. Second type is a window vanwhich doesn’t have rear seats. Other configurations are chassis cab, cut-away and ambulance. In total there are 13 different configurations with different length and height for all the capacity ranges: 1500, 2500 and 3500.

The downsize of RAM ProMaster may be a lack of AWD option and diesel engine option (from 2020). But if you don’t mind using big, 280 HP engine and FWD, then this is one of the best work vehicle ever made. The cheapest option vor ProMaster is around 35.000$.

Underhood fuse box location & diagram

RAM ProMaster III Fuse box underhood fuse box location & diagram

The Front Power Distribution Center is located on the driver’s side of the engine compartment. To access the fuses, remove the cover. The ID number of the electrical component corresponding to each fuse can be found on the back of the cover.

CavityMaxi FuseMini FuseDescription
F0140 Amp Orange-Electronic Stability Control (ESC) Pump
F0220 Amp Yellow (3.6 Gasoline Engine)-Starter Relay 3.6L (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F0450 Amp Red (3.6 Gasoline Engine)-Secondary Power Distribution Center (PDC) (Trans Power Relay, Vacuum Pump, KL30 for the Shifter Transmission Module [STM]) (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F0640 Amp Orange (non A/C) 60 Amp Blue (A/C)-Engine Cooling Fan - 2nd Speed
F0750 Amp Red (non A/C) 60 Amp Blue (A/C)-Engine Cooling Fan - 1st Speed
F0840 Amp Orange-Passenger Compartment Blower
F0915 Amp BlueRear Power Outlet
F1015 Amp BlueHorn
F1420 Amp YellowPower Outlet
F157.5 Amp BrownUSB Charger
F167.5 Amp BrownKL15 Shifter Transmission Module (STM) (3.6), KL15 Starter Relay Coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F1720 Amp YellowEngine Control Module (ECM), Injectors (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F187.5 Amp BrownKL30 Engine Control Module (ECM), KL30 Main Relay Coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F197.5 Amp BrownA/C Compressor — If Equipped
F2030 Amp GreenWindshield Wiper
F2115 Amp BlueFuel Pump
F2220 Amp YellowEngine Control Module (ECM), Ignition Coils (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F2320 Amp YellowElectronic Stability Control (ESC) Valves
F247.5 Amp BrownKL15 Vacuum Pump Relay Coil (3.6 Gasoline Engine) — If Equipped
F3015 Amp BlueHeated Mirrors

Front Power Distribution Center Additional Fuses

RAM ProMaster III Fuse box front power distribution center additional fuses
CavityMini FuseDescription
F6120 Amp YellowVacuum Pump (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F6230 Amp GreenTransmission Power RELE (3.6 Gasoline Engine)
F665 Amp BeigeShifter Transmission Module (STM) (3.6 Gasoline Engine)

Interior fuse box

RAM ProMaster III Fuse box interior fuse box

The interior fuse panel is part of the body control Module (BCM) and is located on the driver's side under the instrument panel.

CavityMini FuseDescription
F315 Amp BeigeINT/A
F347.5 Amp BrownClearance Lights
F3615 Amp Blue+30 (ACM – TPCU – RRM – DLC)
F375 Amp BeigeINT (BRAKE NO – IPC)
F3815 Amp BlueCentral Locking
F425 Amp BeigeINT (BSM – SAS – BRAKE NC)
F4320 Amp YellowBi-Directional Washer Pump
F4720 Amp YellowDriver Power Window
F4820 Amp YellowPassenger Power Window
F495 Amp BeigeINT (PAM – CCS – RRM – ECM)
F507.5 Amp BrownINT (ORC)
F535 Amp Beige+30 (IPC) + FTM
F927.5 Amp BrownLeft Fog Lamp
F937.5 Amp BrownRight Fog Lamp

Right Central Pillar fuse box

RAM ProMaster III Fuse box right central pillar fuse box

The right central pillar fuse panel is located on the interior side at the base of the passenger side B pillar.

CavityMini FuseDescription
F817.5 Amp BrownSeat Heater
F8320 Amp YellowRear Left Windows Heater
F8420 Amp YellowRear Right Windows Heater
F8620 Amp YellowAuxiliary Switch (From Battery) — If Equipped
F8720 Amp YellowAuxiliary Switch (From Ignition) — If Equipped
All RAM ProMaster III info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual RAM ProMaster III (2006-2022) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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~tommy 19-11-2020
love ProMaster 1500! best cargo van ever

~Adam 02-06-2022
what fuse is the driver side window?

~Herman Cook 15-08-2022
What is the location of the fuse dedicated to trailer plug?

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