RAM 1500 IV (DS/DJ/D2) Fuse box

Years of production: 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Power Distribution Center location & diagram

RAM 1500 IV (DS/DJ/D2) Fuse box power distribution center location & diagram
CavityCartridge FuseMicro FuseDescription
F0180 Amp Black-Rad Fan Control Module (if equipped)
F0360 Amp Yellow-Rad Fan (if equipped)
F0540 Amp Green-Compressor for Air Suspension (if equipped)
F0640 Amp Green-Antilock Brakes/Electronic Stability Control Pump
F0740 Amp Green-Starter Solenoid
F0820 Amp Blue (1500 LD/Cummins Diesel)-Emissions Diesel (if equipped)
F0940 Amp Green (Special Services Vehicle & Cummins Diesel) 30 Amp Pink (1500 LD Diesel)-Diesel Fuel Heater (if equipped)
F1040 Amp Green-Body Controller / Exterior Lighting #2
F1050 Amp Red-Body Controller / Exterior Lighting #2 (if equipped) with Stop/Start
F1130 Amp Pink-Integrated Trailer Brake Module (if equipped)
F1240 Amp Green-Body Controller #3 / Interior Lights
F1340 Amp Green-Blower Motor
F1440 Amp Green-Body Controller #4 / Power Locks
F1630 Amp Pink-Smart Bar (if equipped)
F1920 Amp Blue (1500 LD Diesel) 30 Amp Pink (Cummins Diesel)-SCR (if equipped)
F2030 Amp Pink-Passenger Door Module
F2130 Amp Pink-Drive Train Control Module
F2220 Amp Blue 30 Amp Pink (Cummins Diesel)-Engine Control Module
F2330 Amp Pink-Body Controller #1
F2430 Amp Pink-Driver Door Module
F2530 Amp Pink-Front Wiper
F2630 Amp Pink-Antilock Brakes / Stability Control Module / Valves
F2820 Amp Blue-Trailer Tow Backup Lights (if equipped)
F2920 Amp Blue-Trailer Tow Parking Lights (if equipped)
F3030 Amp Pink-Trailer Tow Receptacle
F3130 Amp Pink (1500 LD Diesel)-Urea Heater Control (if equipped)
F32--Spare Fuse
F3320 Amp Blue-Special Services Vehicle Only
F3430 Amp Pink-Vehicle System Interface Module #2 (if equipped)
F3530 Amp Pink-Sunroof (if equipped)
F3630 Amp Pink-Rear Defroster (if equipped)
F3730 Amp Pink-Cummins Diesel Fuel Heater #2 (if equipped)
F3830 Amp Pink-Power Inverter 115V AC (if equipped)
F3920 Amp Blue-Power Outlet – Special Services Only
F41-10 Amp RedActive Grille Shutter (if equipped)
F42-20 Amp YellowHorn
F44-10 Amp RedDiagnostic Port
F46-10 Amp RedUpfitter (if equipped)
F49-10 Amp RedInstrument Panel Cluster
F50-20 Amp YellowAir Suspension Control Module (if equipped)
F51-10 Amp RedIgnition Node Module / Keyless Ignition
F52-5 Amp TanBattery Sensor
F53-20 Amp YellowTrailer Tow - Left Turn/Stop Lights
F54-20 Amp YellowAdjustable Pedals
F56-15 Amp BlueAdditional Diesel Content (if equipped)
F57-20 Amp YellowTransmission
F58-20 Amp YellowSpare Fuse
F59-10 Amp RedSCR Relay (if equipped)
F60-15 Amp BlueUnderhood Lamp
F61-10 Amp Red (1500 LD Diesel & Cummins Diesel) PM Sensor (if equipped)
F62-10 Amp RedAir Conditioning Clutch
F63-20 Amp YellowIgnition Coils (Gas), Urea Heater (Cummins Diesel)
F64-25 Amp ClearFuel Injectors / Powertrain
F65-10 Amp RedUSB interface
F66-10 Amp RedSunroof / Passenger Window Switches / Rain Sensor
F67-10 Amp RedCD / DVD / Bluetooth Hands-free Module (if equipped)
F69-15 Amp BlueMod SCR 12V (Cummins Diesel) (if equipped)
F70-30 Amp GreenFuel Pump Motor
F71-25 Amp ClearAmplifier
F72-10 Amp RedPCM (if equipped)
F73-20 Amp YellowFuel Transfer Pump (HD Only) (if equipped)
F74-20 Amp Yellow(Gas Engine & 1500 LD Diesel)Brake Vacuum Pump Gas/Diesel (if equipped)
F75-10 Amp RedCoolant Temperature Valve Actuator
F76-10 Amp RedAntilock Brakes / Electronic Stability Control
F77-10 Amp RedDrivetrain Control Module/Front Axle Disconnect Module
F78-10 Amp RedEngine Control Module / Electric Power Steering
F79-15 Amp BlueClearance Lights
F80-10 Amp RedUniversal Garage Door Opener / Compass
F81-20 Amp YellowTrailer Tow Right Turn / Stop Lights
F82-10 Amp RedSteering Column Control Module / Cruise Control
F84-15 Amp BlueSwitch Bank / Instrument Cluster
F85-10 Amp RedAirbag Module
F86-10 Amp RedAirbag Module
F87-10 Amp RedAir Suspension (if equipped) / Trailer Tow / Steering Column Control Module
F88-15 Amp BlueInstrument Panel Cluster
F90/F91-20 Amp YellowPower Outlet (rear seats) Customer Selectable
F93-20 Amp YellowCigar Lighter
F94-10 Amp RedShifter / Transfer Case Module
F95-10 Amp RedRear Camera / Park Assist
F96-10 Amp RedRear Seat Heater Switch
F97-25 Amp ClearRear Heated Seats & Heated Steering Wheel (if equipped)
F98-25 Amp ClearFront Heated Seats (if equipped)
F99-10 Amp RedClimate Control
F100-10 Amp RedUpfitters (if equipped)
F101-15 Amp BlueElectrochromatic Mirror / Smart High Beams (if equipped)
F104-20 Amp YellowPower Outlets (Instrument Panel / Center Console)
All RAM 1500 IV (DS/DJ/D2) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual RAM 1500 IV (DS/DJ/D2) (2009-2019) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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[email protected] 11-07-2022
je cherche la carte du filage pour installer un klaxon sur un dodge ram classic 1500 2019. pouvez vous m'aider ?

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