Opel Astra H Fuse box

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The need for a compact car remains at the top. Opel Astra is among that segment, which effectively fulfills the need of a small family. The German automaker Opel has gained massive popularity due to its significant performance-oriented cars, and Astra is among the top of the list. With all the intact features, this is among the best budget cars for small families. It was for sale in the Middle East, the Republic of Ireland, continental Europe, South Africa, and India.

The Astra H was launched as a five-door hatchback in March 2004. It also has a sport version that is considered as a three-door hatchback. It consists of a windscreen that extends in the roof and provides a panoramic view, due to which it is also known as a panoramic windscreen. The convention in naming the models starts from the letter F as it was the first generation of Astra. Astra H being the third generation of the same model comes with different upgraded features.

Astra h comes with an improved engine and attractive interior with stylish details. The handling of this compact car was upgraded with Lotus-tuned suspension settings. Apart from these, there are different upgraded equipment that makes it quite apt for small families.

This is among the first European cars that come with digital radio. However, this feature was available in some versions of Astra. Other innovative features are introduced in subsequent models, such as adaptive forward lighting and electronic continuous damping control. There are subsequent launches of Astra models in estate and coupe versions also by the end of 2005.

People looking for a compact car equipped with all the efficient features found this a practical option. At that time, it has gained massive popularity due to its inexpensive pricing and effective performance.

Engine compartment fuse box

Opel Astra H Fuse box engine compartment fuse box

Also named:

  • Chevrolet Astra
  • Chevrolet Vectra
  • Holden Astra
  • Opel Astra Classic III (Poland)
  • Opel Astra Family (Russia)
  • Saturn Astra
  • Vauxhall Astra

Insert a screwdriver into the opening as far as it will go and tilt it sideways. Open the cover upwards and remove. The fuse box has two different fuse assignments depending on the load compartment fuse box variant

Fuse assignments in conjunction with load compartment fuse box version A

3Interior fan climate control system
4Interior fan, heating, air conditioning system
5Radiator fan
6Radiator fan
7Central locking system
8Windscreen washer system, tailgate
9Heated rear window, heated exterior mirror
10Diagnostics plug
12Mobile telephone, Infotainmentsystem, display
13Courtesy light
14Windscreen wiper
15Windscreen wiper
16Horn, ABS, brake light switch, air conditioning system
17Diesel fuel filter or air conditioning system
21Engine electronics
22Engine electronics
23Headlight range adjustment
24Fuel pump
26Engine electronics
27Heating, air conditioning system
29Power steering
30Engine electronics
31Rear window wiper
32Brake light switch
33Headlight range adjustment, light switch, clutch switch, instrument, driver's door module
34Control unit, steering column module
35Infotainment system
36Cigarette lighter, front power outlet

Fuse assignments in conjunction with load compartment fuse box version B

3Interior fan electronic climate control
4Interior fan heating and air conditioning system
5Radiator fan
6Radiator fan
7Windscreen washer system
9Headlight washer system
13Fog light
14Windscreen wiper
15Windscreen wiper
16Control module electronics, Open&Start system, ABS, brake light switch, TwinTop
17Diesel fuel filter heating
19Transmission electronics
20Air conditioning system
21Engine electronics
22Engine electronics
23Adaptive forward lighting, headlight range adjustment
24Fuel pump
25Transmission electronics
26Engine electronics
27Power steering
28Transmission electronics
29Transmission electronics
30Engine electronics
31Adaptive forward fighting, headlight range adjustment
32Brake system, air conditioning system, clutch switch
33Adaptive forward lighting, headlight range adjustment, light switch
34Control unit, steering column module
35Infotainment system
36Mobile telephone, Infotainment system, display

Load compartment fuse box

Opel Astra H Fuse box load compartment fuse box

The fuse box is behind a cover. Do not store any objects behind the cover. Depending on the equipment, there are two different fuse boxes.

Saloon 5-door, Station wagon, Van

To open, turn both catches with a coin and fold down cover.

Saloon 3-door

To open, fold the cover upwards.

Saloon 4-door

To open, twist catch anti-clockwise and fold down cover


To open, pull the two knobs, remove the clips and fold the cover upwards.

Fuse box version A

1Fog light
3Load compartment power outlet
4Reversing lights
5Rear power windows
6Air conditioning system
7Front power windows
8Heated exterior mirrors

Fuse box version B

1Front power windows
4Heating, air conditioning system, electronic climate control
11Heated rear window
12Rear window wiper
13Parking assist
14Heating, air conditioning system
16Seat occupancy recognition, Open&Start system
17Rain sensor, tyre pressure monitoring system, interior mirror
18Instruments, switches
21Heated exterior mirrors
22Sun roof
23Rear power windows
24Diagnostics plug
26Electrical foldable exterior mirrors
27Ultrasonic sensor, anti-theft alarm system
29Cigarette lighter, front power outlet
30Rear power outlet
33Open&Start system
34Sun roof, TwinTop
35Rear power outlet
36Socket for towing equipment
38Central locking system, terminal 30
39Left seat heating
40Right seat heating
All Opel Astra H info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Opel Astra H (2004-2014) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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