Mitsubishi Outlander III (2012-2022) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022

Fuse block location

Mitsubishi Outlander III Fuse box fuse block location

The fuse blocks in the passenger compartment are located behind the fuse lid in front of the driver’s seat at the position shown in the illustration. Pull the fuse lid to remove it. In the engine compartment, the fuse block is located as shown in the illustration. While pressing the tab (A), pull up the cover (B).

Passenger compartment fuse box

Mitsubishi Outlander III Fuse box passenger compartment fuse box
No.Electrical systemCapacity
1Power window control30 A*
2Defogger30 A*
3Heater30 A
4Windshield wipers30 A
5Door locks20 A
6Rear fog light10 A
712 V power outlet15 A
8Rear window wiper15 A
9Sunroof20 A
10Ignition switch10 A
11Option10 A
12Hazard warning flasher15 A
134-wheel drive system10 A
14Stop lights (Brake lights)15 A
15Gauges10 A
16SRS airbag7.5 A
17Radio15 A
18Control unit relay7.5 A
19Interior lights (Room lights)15 A
20Back-up lights7.5 A
21Heated outside rearview mirrors7.5 A
22Outside rearview mirrors10 A
23Cigarette lighter/ 12 V power outlet15 A
24Charge7.5 A
25Power seat30 A*
26Heated seats30 A

*: Fusible link

Engine compartment fuse box diagram

Mitsubishi Outlander III Fuse box engine compartment fuse box diagram
No.Electrical systemCapacity
SBF1Air conditioning condenser fan motor30 A*
SBF2Starter30 A*
SBF3Air conditioning condenser fan motor30 A*
SBF4Radiator fan motor40 A*
SBF5Anti-lock braking system40 A*
SBF7Anti-lock braking system30 A*
BF1Power liftgate30 A
BF2Audio system amplifier30 A
BF4Diesel30 A
F1Automatic transaxle20 A
F2Wiper de-icer15 A
F4Daytime run- ning lights10 A
F5Front fog lights15 A
F6Air conditioner10 A
F7Headlight washer20 A
F8Security horn20 A
F9Horn10 A
F10ETV15 A
F11Alternator7.5 A
F12Engine7.5 A
F13Fuel line heater25 A
F14Fuel pump15 A
F15Ignition coil10 A
F17Headlight (high beam) (left)10 A
F18Headlight (high beam) (right)10 A
F19Headlight (low beam) (left) Discharge20 A
F20Headlight (low beam) (right) Discharge20 A
F21Headlight (low beam) (left) Halogen10 A
F22Headlight (low beam) (right) Halogen10 A
F23Battery current sensor7.5 A
#1Spare fuse10 A
#2Spare fuse15 A
#3Spare fuse20 A

*: Fusible link

The fuse block does not contain spare 7.5 A, 25 A or 30 A fuses. If one of these fuses burns out, substitute with the following fuse.

7.5 A: 10 A spare fuse

25 A: 20 A spare fuse

30 A: 30 A audio system amplifier fuse

When using a substitute fuse, replace with afuse of the correct capacity as soon as possible.

Information about the model

Mitsubishi Outlander 3rd generation is best suited for a trip with family, friends and sometimes even to carry cargo and luggage from one place to another. There are three rows of seats in the car. The first two rows are dedicated to the seating of adults and the third row is meant for kids. If the person wishes to, he can fold the second and the third row and use up the entire space as a cargo area. 

Mitsubishi Outlander: Third Generation

There are so many special features about Mitsubishi Outlander III. The smartphone compatibility feature of the car helps you answer calls, send and receive text messages, reply to certain calls on the phone via this feature. The map feature of the smartphone can be connected in parallel with the Outlander model of the car.  The driver accessibility feature indicates that any sort of turns you wish to take while driving a car can be accomplished by making the fullest use of this particular feature. Also, the kind of suggestions and instructions which are required by the driver can be availed from this feature. 

The electric sunroof system provided by the Mitusbishi acts as a climate control system. Any kind of temperature can be regulated by the climate control system of the car. The infotainment system of Mitsubishi is powered using artificial intelligence technology, which makes the car’s system perform various functions up to date.  The car has been launched in major countries all over the globe. There is only a slight variation in the models of cars being released. 

Outlander is one of the top-selling models of cars in today’s market. The Japanese make of the car is the major reason for its sturdy body and impeccable design features make it very eye-catchy. The larger families require cars like Outlander to move from one place to another.

All Mitsubishi Outlander III info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mitsubishi Outlander III (2012-2022) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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Engine light on I checked fuses and did all resets….

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What fuse on 2022 mitsubishi outlander es is for airconditioner. Mine stopped cooling but fan blows

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