Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) (2010-2021) fuse box diagrams & schemes

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Fuse box location

Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) Fuse box fuse box location

Passenger compartment (LHD vehicles): The fuse blocks in the passenger compartment are located behind the fuse lid in front of the driver’s seat at the position shown in the illustration.

Passenger compartment (RHD vehicles): The fuse boxes in the passenger compartment are located behind the glove box at the position shown in the illustration.

Engine compartment: In the engine compartment, the fuse block is located as shown in the illustration.

Passenger compartment fuse box diagram

Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) Fuse box passenger compartment fuse box diagram
No.Electrical systemCapacity
1Heater30 A*1
2Stop lamps (Brake lamps)15 A
3Rear fog lamp10 A *2
4Windscreen wipers30 A
5Option10 A
6Door locks20 A
7Radio15 A
8Control unit relay7.5 A
9Interior lamps (Room lamps)15 A
10Hazard warning flasher15 A
11Rear window wiper15 A
12Instruments7.5 A
13Cigarette lighter/ Accessory socket15 A
14Ignition switch10 A
15Sunroof20 A
16Outside rearview mirrors10 A
174-wheel drive system10 A
18Reversing lamps (Backup lamps)7.5 A
19Accessory socket15 A
20Electric window control30 A*1
21Rear window demister30 A*1
22Heated door mirror7.5 A
23Passenger's power seat 25 (20) A
24Driver's power seat25 (20) A
25Heated seat30 A

*1: Fusible link

*2: Even if your vehicle is equipped with the rear fog lamp, the fuse of the rear fog lamp may not be installed on your vehicle.

Engine compartment fuse box diagram

Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) Fuse box engine compartment fuse box diagram
No.Electrical systemCapacity
1Front fog lamps15 A
2Engine7.5 A
3Automatic transmission20 A
4Horn10 A
5Alternator7.5 A
6Headlamp washer20 A
7Air conditioning10 A
8ETV/Oil cooler fan (Twin Clutch SST)15 A
9Security horn20 A
10Wiper de-icer15 A
12Electric tailgate30 A
13Daytime running lamps10 A
14Headlamp highbeam (left)10 A
15Headlamp highbeam (right)10 A
16Headlamp low beam (left) Discharge20 A
17Headlamp low beam (right) Discharge20 A
18Headlamp low beam (left) Halogen10 A
19Headlamp low beam (right) Halogen10 A
21Ignition coil10 A
22Fuel line heater25 A
23Fuel pump15 A
24Starter30 A*1
26Anti-lock brake system40 A*1
27Anti-lock brake system30 A*1
28Air conditioning condenser fan motor30 A*1
29Radiator fan motor40 A*1
31Audio system amp30 A
32Diesel30 A
33Spare fuse10 A
34Spare fuse15 A
35Spare fuse20 A

*1: Fusible link

The fuse box does not contain spare 7.5 A, 25 A or 30 A fuses. If one of these fuses burns out, substitute with the following fuse.

7.5 A: 10 A spare fuse

25 A: 20 A spare fuse

30 A: 30 A audio system amp fuse

When using a substitute fuse, replace with a fuse of the correct capacity as soon as possible.

Information about the model

When it comes to SUVs, some automobile giants have equipped with class apart models. Mitsubishi is one of those giants, has a popular model of subcompact crossover SUV. This model was first launched in the domestic market in 2010. This Japanese company believes in providing optimal features that can help the user in the best possible ways. 

The specific name of RVR is only for some countries such as Japan and Canada. In other countries, it is sold as Mitsubishi ASX. The ASX stands for active sports crossover. This SUV crossover is designed for less space, but provides a feel of a long vehicle. The reduced seating capacity makes it apt for five people. However, in Japan, the more extended specification causes additional tax payment as the measurement is not under the Japanese government regulations.

This is equipped with the 4B10 1.8 L gasoline engine. It comes in both variable and automatic transmission. The larger 4B11 2.0 L and 4B12 2.4 L engines are available in the market of North America, Indonesia, and China, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Australia. The European and Australian markets get 4N13 1.8 L direct-injection turbo diesel engines. These all are manufactured from the year 2015.

This model is equipped with different variants of the engine in its fuel range. The petrol engine range of the models is 1.6 L (117 hp), 1.8 L (140 hp), and 2.0 L (150 hp). The core concern of Mitsubishi regarding this crossover SUV is to reduce the pollution level due to its emissions and fuel economy. It has received many awards and accolades in different parts due to its efficient operation. It has received full safety ratings in Australia. Apart from that, the same functionalities make it quite apt for tax reduction in Japan and Europe. This is among the best in-class compact crossover SUV that has all the features if an ideal one.

All Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mitsubishi ASX I (RVR III) (2010-2021) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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tengo un Mitsubishi asx 1800 diesel 2015 del cual no le funciona la luz antinieblas trasero, no le ha funcionado nunca, la he intentado reparar y no lo he conseguido, la lampara esta bien y el fusible no esta fundido. ¿ cual puede ser el problema?

~Yahya 16-04-2023
What is the taillight fuse

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