Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) (2006-2019) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

Main fuse box location

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box main fuse box location

Fuse box is located in the footwell on the left-hand side of the vehicle. To open: unlock quick-release fastener (1) and remove the cover. To close: attach the bottom edge of the cover and fold upwards. The cover must engage. Lock quick-release fastener (2)

Main fuse box diagram

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box main fuse box diagram
No.ConsumerFuse rating
1Horn15 A
2ESTL (electric steering lock) ignition lock25 A
3Terminal 30 Z, vehicles with a gasoline engine/ ignition lock/instrument cluster10 A
4Light switch/switch unit on center console5 A
5Windshield wipers30 A
6Fuel pump15 A
-Terminal 87 (5)110 A
7MRM (jacket tube module)5 A
8Terminal 87 (2)20 A
9Terminal 87 (1)25 A
-Terminal 87 (3), vehicles with a gasoline engine20 A
-Terminal 87 (3), vehicles with a diesel engine25 A
10Terminal 87 (4)10 A
11Terminal 15 R vehicle15 A
12Air bag control unit10 A
13Cigarette lighter/glove box lamp/radio/body manufacturer loading tailgate/PND (personal navigation device) power socket15 A
14Diagnostics connection/light switch/instrument cluster/deactivating reverse warning device/anti-theft protection with vehicle tracking5 A
15Headlamp range control/front-compartment heating5 A
16Terminal 87 (1)/Terminal 87 (3)110 A
17Air bag control unit10 A
18Terminal 15 vehicle/ brake light switch7.5 A
19Interior lighting7.5 A
20Front-passenger door power window switch/ terminal 30/2 SAM (signal acquisition and actuation module)25 A
21Engine control unit5 A
22Brake system (ABS)5 A
23Starter motor20 A
-Terminal 87 (6)110 A
24Diesel engine, engine components/control unit, vehicles with a natural gas engine NGT210 A
2512 V socket (center console) for tire sealant25 A

1 - Vehicles with code MI6/MH3/XM0.
2 - Natural Gas Technology.
6 - Vehicles with code XM0.

Fuse block F55/1

No.ConsumerFuse rating
1Driver's door control unit25 A
2Diagnostics connection10 A
3Brake system (valves)25 A
4Brake system (delivery pump)40 A
5Terminal 87 (2a) engine M272, OM6517.5 A
-Terminal 87 (2a) engine OM642, OM651310 A
6Terminal 87 (1a) engine OM642610 A
-Terminal 87 (1a) engine OM65167.5 A
-Terminal 87 (3a) engine M272, M271, OM6517.5 A
7Headlamp cleaning system30 A
8Anti-theft alarm system (ATA)/beacon/beacon with siren15 A
9Additional turn signal module10 A

Fuse block F55/2

No.ConsumerFuse rating
10Radio 1 DIN/Radio 2 DIN15 A/20 A
11Mobile phone/tachograph/additional recorder4/navigation cradle67.5 A
12Front blower/auxiliary heating blower setting 130 A
13Auxiliary heating system digital timer/radio receiver/DIN slot basic wiring/FleetBoard/antitheft protection with vehicle tracking7.5 A
14Seat heating30 A
15Brake system control unit5 A
16Heating, rear compartment heating/ frontcompartment air conditioning10 A
17Convenience lighting10 A
-Motion detector7.5 A
-Reading and cargo compartment lamp (courier vehicles)10 A
-Cargo compartment lighting7.5 A
18Rear-compartment airconditioning system7.5 A

Relays in the main fuse box

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box relays in the main fuse box
R1K40/9Horn relay
R2K40/9Windshield wiper setting 1/2 relay
R3K40/9/K40/9Fuel pump relay5 / Starter relay, terminal 151
R4K40/9Windshield wipers on/off relay
R5K40/9Starter relay, terminal 50
R6K40/9Relay, terminal 15 R (normally open contact)
R7K40/9Engine control unit relay, terminal 87
R8K40/9Relay, terminal 15 (reinforced relay)

Fuse box under the left front seat location

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box fuse box under the left front seat location

Fuse box on the outside of the seat base

To open: move the front seat to the highest position. Press both latching springs: down and remove the cover. To close: attach the bottom edge of the cover and fold upwards. The cover must engage.

Fuse box under the left front seat diagram

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box fuse box under the left front seat diagram

Fuse block F55/3

No.ConsumerFuse rating
1Mirror setting/rear window defroster5 A
2Rear window wiper30 A
3Auxiliary heating, digital timer/rear view camera/neutral gate switch, starting-off aid and allwheel drive/engine runon/DIN slot basic wiring (roof)/FleetBoard/antitheft protection with vehicle tracking/emergency hammer lighting in the rear compartment5 A
4Tachograph/ADR working speed governor/ power take-off/AAG (trailer control unit)7.5 A
5ECO Start/control unit5 A
-EGS (electronic gearbox control)10 A
6All-wheel drive control unit5 A
-Auxiliary oil pump10 A
7ESM (electronic selector module)10 A
8Loading tailgate/tipper vehicle PARKTRONIC610 A
9Rear compartment air conditioning, compressor clutch, disengageable reverse warning device7.5 A

6 - Vehicles with code XM0.

Fuse block F55/4

No.ConsumerFuse rating
10Terminal 30, body/equipment manufacturer25 A
11Terminal 15, body/equipment manufacturer15 A
12D+, body/equipment manufacturer10 A
13Fuel pump FSCM (Fuel Sensing Control Module)20 A
-Fuel pump relay1, 315 A
14Trailer power socket20 A
15Trailer recognition unit25 A
16Tire pressure monitor PARKTRONIC77.5 A
17Programmable special module (PSM)25 A
18Programmable special module (PSM)25 A

Fuse block F55/5

No.ConsumerFuse rating
19Overhead control panel without ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm system) and without rain sensor5 A
-Overhead control panel with ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm system)25 A
-Overhead control panel with rain sensor25 A
20License plate lamp (courier vehicles)/perimeter lamp3/identification lighting37.5 A
21Terminal 30, body electrics (courier vehicles)15 A
-Rear window defroster without ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm system)30 A
-Rear window defroster with ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm system)15 A
22Rear window defroster 215 A
-Vehicle socket (courier vehicles)20 A
2312 V left rear socket, load/rear compartment15 A
-Electric system: non-MB body10 A
2412 V socket under the base of driver's seat15 A
2512 V right rear socket, load/rear compartment15 A
26Hot-water auxiliary heating25 A
27Electrical heater booster (PTC)25 A
-Auxiliary warm-air heater20 A

1- Vehicles with code MI6/MH3/XM0.
7 - Pre-facelift vehicle

Fuse block F55/6

No.ConsumerFuse rating
28SRB starter relay (fuse and relay module)3, 6 Starter for electrical supply support using the additional battery25 A
29Terminal 87 (7), gas system, vehicles with a natural gas engine (NGT)27.5 A
-SCR8 control unit, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment310 A
-Terminal 30, all-wheel drive, control unit30 A
30Auxiliary heat exchanger fan15 A
-Brake booster330 A
31Rear compartment heating blower30 A
-Sliding door closing assistance, left15 A
-Electric sliding door, left30 A
32SCR8 relay supply, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment5 A
33Electric sliding door, right30 A
-Sliding door closing assistance, right15 A
-ENR (level control) control unit30 A
-Compressor air suspension30 A
34SCR8 heater 3 DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) supply reservoir, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment, 6 cyl. diesel9, 315 A
-SCR8 heater 1 DEF®, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment diesel1020 A
35SCR8 heater 2 hose, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment, 6 cyl. diesel9, 315 A
-SCR8 heater 2 DEF, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment diesel1025 A
36SCR8 heater 1 delivery pump, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment, 6 cyl. diesel9, 310 A
-SCR8 heater control 3 DEF, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment diesel1015 A

6 - Vehicles with code XM0.
2 - Natural Gas Technology.
8 - Selective Catalytic Reduction.
9 - Vehicles with code MH3.
10 - Not for vehicles with code MH3.

Fuse block F55/7

No.ConsumerFuse rating
37COLLISION PREVENTION ASSIST/FCW (Forward Collision Warning)5 A
-Blind Spot Assist/BSM (Blind Spot Monitor)5 A
38Multifunction camera with Highbeam Assist10 A
-With a warning when leaving a lane10 A
39Body electrics (courier vehicles)7.5 A
-Rear-compartment airconditioning system7.5 A
-Roof ventilator15 A
-Siren15 A
40Auxiliary battery charge current1115 A
41SAM (signal acquisition and actuation module) auxiliary battery reference voltage117.5 A
42Rear-compartment airconditioning system30 A
43Electrical step/sliding door, right10 A
44Electrical step/sliding door, left10 A
45Electrical step, control system and warning buzzer5 A

11 - Vehicles with auxiliary battery.

Relays in the seat base diagram

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) Fuse box relays in the seat base diagram
R1K6Starter relay, right-hand drive6
R2K41Load relief relay, terminal 15
R3K41/5Starter relay, terminal 15
R4K64/K110Secondary air injection/secondary air pump relay/SCR relay8, vehicles with exhaust gas aftertreatment
R5K27Fuel pump relay
R6K23/1Blower relay, front, blower setting 1
R7K41/2Load relief relay, terminal 15 R
R8K6/1Starter relay, additional battery
-K6Starter relay, left-hand drive6
R9K13/5Rear window defroster relay 1
R10K13/6Rear window defroster relay 2 with ATA (Anti-Theft Alarm system)
-K51/15Snow plow relay, low-beam headlamps, left
R11K117/3Electrical step relay 1, left
-K51/16Snow plow relay, low-beam headlamps, right
R12K117/4Electrical step relay 2, left
-K51/17Snow plow relay, high-beam headlamps, left
R13K41/3Load relief relay, terminal 15 (2)
-K51/18Snow plow relay, high-beam headlamps, right
R14K13/7Windshield heating relay 1
R15K88Body manufacturer relay, terminal 15
R16K88/1Body manufacturer relay, terminal 61 (D+)
R17K95/K93Loading tailgate basic wiring relay Comfort illumination relay
R18K2Headlamp cleaning system relay
R19K51/10Beacon with siren relay
R20K39/3ATA (anti-theft alarm system) relay, horn
R21K108/K116/K23/2Perimeter/identification lighting relay3 License plate lamp relay (courier vehicles) Blower relay, hot-air auxiliary heating, blower setting1
R22K23/3Blower relay, hot-air auxiliary heating, blower setting2
R23K39/1Siren relay
-K124/1Terminal 61 (D+) relay, anti-theft protection with vehicle tracking
R24K117/1Electrical step relay 1, right
R25K117/2Electrical step relay 2, right
R26K121Reverse warning device off relay
-K124Anti-theft protection with vehicle tracking relay
-K57Battery cutoff relay, left-hand-drive vehicle
-K57/4Battery cutoff relay, right-hand-drive vehicle
-K9Air-conditioning system relay, auxiliary fan (duo)
-K9/2Air-conditioning system relay, auxiliary fan (mono)
-K9/5Rear-compartment air conditioning relay, auxiliary fan
-K120Auxiliary battery relay11

6 - Vehicles with code XM0.
8 - Selective Catalytic Reduction.
11 - Vehicles with an auxiliary battery.

Information about the model

When it comes to elegant body styles and wheelbases, then Mercedes holds the peak place. Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II has an optimal full-size van that has class apart body styles. Mercedes offers two versions of a sprinter, i.e., in cargo van and passenger van. It has almost 21 variations in the cargo van sector and 10 in the passenger van segment. This model is among those vans, which offer a four-wheel-drive that makes it quite adventurous and also apt for business purposes. The different variations are equipped with slight upgrades that make them quite beneficial.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter: Second Generation

In this model of a Sprinter, there are two kinds of engines available. The availability of V-6 diesel engines makes it quite useful to produce massive power and torque. Most of these are preferred for RV conversions as they can tow almost 5000 pounds. The high payload capacity in this class makes it quite suitable for business class automobiles. Apart from all of these, it is also equipped with some of the class-apart safety features that help the driver in the best possible ways.

The continuous upgrades in technology make it relatively safe. It was equipped with a drive-away assist, active cruise control with distance assist, downhill speed regulation, blind-spot assist, a revised crosswind-assist system, a new windshield-wiper cleaning system, and many more.

Apart from all the specifications, some packages come with the sprinter. These are related to safety systems. At that time if anyone is opting for this, then they should try to avail of these packages without fail. It is an amalgamation of safety features as well as performance-oriented in its segment. The popularity due to its payload capacity makes it a good van. The US market is quite receptive to this model of the van from Mercedes- Benz.

All Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Mercedes-Benz Sprinter II (W906) (2006-2019) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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