Kia Sorento III Fuse box

Years of production: 2015 2016 2017 2018

When it comes to the top player among the mid-size SUV class, the Kia Sorento holds the top spot. The crisp ride top of class cabin amenities makes it quite attractive. The spacious approach to this vehicle is the best thing about this car.

Kia Sorento: Third Generation

The third-generation Kia Sorento has some of the best benefits such as a spacious interior, par quality infotainment system with optimal average fuel economy make it good for economic buyers. The technical specifications of this model make the ride quite smooth and comfortable. The subsequent updates make it an effective car. 

The 2018 Kia Sorento ranks near the top of the mid-size SUV class. It has a tranquil ride and a modern cabin with intuitive technology and plenty of room for passengers. However, it has less cargo space than its rivals.

Those who are looking for an efficient car that has maximum reliability ratings with comfortability should opt for this to fulfill all their needs. While riding, you will feel the bumps with the help of cushioned seating arrangements. However, there are some drawbacks of this car, but they are overshadowed by the innovative features such as satellite radio, cloth upholstery, folding second-row seats, six speakers, a USB port, Bluetooth, and a rearview camera.

With this model, Kia has gained some of the safety-oriented features such as adaptive cruise control, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warning, cornering headlight, and lane departure warning. The top of the class attributes is the panoramic sunroof and rain-sensing wipers.

With the different trim levels, one will get all the other safety features with a surround- view parking camera that prevents one of the main concerns of the drivers. Overall, it is equipped with all the features that help in attaining all the benefits.

Fuse/relay panel description

Kia Sorento III Fuse box fuse/relay panel description

Inside the fuse/relay panel covers, you can find the fuse/relay label describing fuse/relay name and capacity.

DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
AIR BAG IND.10ACluster, A/C Control Module
A/CON 330AFuse - A/CON 2, Blower Motor
A/CON 27.5AA/C Control Module (Auto)
START7.5AE/R Junction Block (Start Relay), Transaxle Range Switch
AIR BAG15ASRS Control Module, Passenger Occupant Detection Sensor
MODULE 210ACrash Pad Switch, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module, 4WD ECM, Lane Departure Warning Module, Console Switch, Rear Parking Assist Sensor LH/RH, Rear Parking Assist Buzzer, Rear Parking Assist Sensor LH/RH (Center), Blind Spot Detection Radar LH/RH, Electronic Parking Brake Module
ACC10APCB Block (PDM (ACC) Relay, Power Outlet Relay), BCM, Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Surround View Monitoring Unit, Smart Key Control Module, AMP, USB Charger, Telematics Unit
MODULE 410AAuto Head Lamp Leveling Device Module, Head Lamp Leveling Device Actuator LH/RH
BRAKE SWITCH7.5ASmart Key Control Module, Stop Lamp Switch
MODULE 310AA/C Control Module, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Electro Chromic Mirror, Driver IMS Control Module, ATM Shift Lever Indicator, Rear Seat Warmer LH, Front Air Ventilation Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control Module, Telematics Unit
MODULE 110ABCM, Stop Lamp Switch, Driver/Passenger Doormodule
SMART KEY 115ASmart Key Control Module
A/CON (RR)15AICM Relay Box (Rear Blower Motor Relay)
SUNROOF 220ASunroof Control Module (Roller)
SUNROOF 120ASunroof Control Module (Glass)
CLUSTER10AInstrument Cluster
IMMO.10ASmart Key Control Module, Immobilizer Module
IG115AE/R Junction Block (Fuse - MDPS 3, TCU 1), PCB Block (Fuse - ABS 3, SENSOR 6, ECU 1, CRUISE)
MULTIMEDIA15AUSB Charger, Audio, A/V & Navigation Head Unit, Telematics Unit
MEMORY 210AInstrument Cluster, Data Link Connector, A/C Control Module, Rear A/C Control Module, Clock Spring,
DOOR LOCK20ADoor Lock Relay, Door Unlock Relay, Tail Gate Relay, DRIVER/PASSENGER/RL/RR DOOR MODULE
SMART KEY 210AStart/Stop Button Switch, Smart Key Control Module, Immobilizer Module
WASHER15ABCM, Multifunction Switch
MDPS7.5AMDPS UNIT(COLUMN TYPE), Steering Angle Sensor
WIPER (RR)15ARear Wiper Relay, Rear Wiper Motor
A/CON 17.5AA/C Control Module, Cluster Ionizer, E/R Junction Block (Blower Relay), ICM Relay Box (Rear Blower Motor Relay)
HEATED MIRROR10AA/C Control Module, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
MODULE 510ABCM, Smart Key Control Module
MODULE 67.5ASurround View Monitoring Unit, Rear A/C Control Module, Rear Seat Warmer LH, Front Air Ventilation Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control Module, AC Inverter Module, Crash Pad Switch
S/HEATER (RR)15ARear Seat Warmer LH
S/HEATER (FRT)20AFront Air Ventilation Control Module, Front Seat Warmer Control Module
P/WINDOW (RH)25ARear Safety Power Window RH, Rear Power Window Switch RH, Passenger Safety Power Window Module, Passenger Door Module, Passenger Power Window Switch
MODULE 77.5AGateway (MCU B+), Sport Mode Switch, Key Solenoid, Tire Pressure Monitoring Module
INTERIOR LAMP10AGlove Box Lamp, Ignition Key Ill. & Door Warning Switch, Driver Foot Lamp, VanityLamp LH/RH Switch, Cargo Lamp, Center Room Lamp, Overhead Console Lamp, Rear Personal Lamp LH/RH
FUEL LID10AFuel Filler & Tail Gate Switch
P/SEAT (DRV)30ADriver IMS Control Module, Driver Seat Manual Switch
P/SEAT (PASS)30APassenger Seat Manual Switch
P/WINDOW (LH)25ARear Safety Power Window LH, Rear Power Window Switch LH, Driver Safety Power Window Module, Driver Door Module

Engine compartment fuse panel

Kia Sorento III Fuse box engine compartment fuse panel
DescriptionFuse ratingProtected component
MDPS 1100AMDPS Unit (Rack Type)
MDPS 280AMDPS Unit (Column Type)
COOLING FAN 180ACooling Fan 1 Relay
B+360AIGPM (IPS 1, Fuse - MODULE 7, Leak Current Autocut Device Fuse - MULTIMEDIA, MEMORY 2, MEMORY 1), INTERIOR LAMP
B+550AIGPM (IPS 0/IPS 2/IPS 3/IPS 4/IPS 5/IPS 6/IPS 7/IPS 8, Fuse - S/ROOF 1)
ABS 220AESC Module
ABS 140AESC Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
INVERTER30AAC Inverter Module
POWER TAIL GATE30APower Tail Gate Module
TRAILER30ATrailer Power Outlet
BLOWER40ABlower Relay
AMS10ABattery Sensor
VACUUM PUMP20A[G4KH] Vacuum Pump
EPB 115AElectronic Parking Brake Module
EPB 215AElectronic Parking Brake Module
ECU 315A[G6DH] IDB (Injector Driver Box)
MDPS 37.5AMDPS Unit (Rack Type)
TCU 110ATransaxle Range Switch
B/UP LAMP7.5ARear Combination Lamp (IN) LH/RH, BCM, Electro Chromic Mirror, Audio(UVO)
ABS 37.5AESC Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector
ECU 110APCM, [G6DH] IDB (Injector Driver Box)
IG 240ARLY. 4 (Start Relay),PDM (IG2) Relay, Ignition Switch
POWER OUTLET 120AFront Power Outlet & Cigarette Lighter
SENSOR 67.5A[G4KH] Brake Vacuum Switch, Vacuum Pump
POWER OUTLET 220AFront Power Outlet
CRUISE7.5ASmart Cruise Control Radar
ECU 420A[G4KJ/G4KH] PCM (E-CVVT Relay)
WIPER25AWiper Low Relay
DEICER15AFront Deicer Relay
ECU 520A[G4KJ/G4KH] PCM (E-CVVT Relay)
IG 140APDM (IG1) Relay, PDM (ACC) Relay, Ignition Switch
SENSOR 410A[G4KJ/G4KH] Oxygen Sensor (Up/Down) [G6DH] PCM, Oxygen Sensor #1/#2/#3/#4
SENSOR 515A[G4KJ/G4KH]PCM [G6DH] IDB (Injector Driver Box)
POWER OUTLET 320ARear Power Outlet
SENSOR 120A[G4KJ/G4KH] Ignition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4 [G6DF] Ignition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4/#5/#6, Condecser #1/#2
SENSOR 310A[G4KJ/G4KH] Fuel Pump Relay [G6DF] Fuel Pump Relay, PCM
POWER OUTLET 420ALuggage Power Outlet
REAR HEATED40ARear Defogger Relay
SENSOR 210A[G4KJ/G4KH] E/R Junction Block (Cooling Fan 1 Relay), Oil Control Valve (Exhaust), Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Canister Close Valve, Variable Intake Solenoid Valve, RCV Control Solenoid Valve (G4KH) [G6DH] E/R Junction Block (Cooling Fan 1 Relay), Variable Intake Solenoid Valve #1/#2, Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Oil Control Valve #1/#2/#3/#4 (Intake/Exhaust), PCM, Canister close valve
FUEL PUMP20AFuel Pump Relay
B/ALARM HORN10ABurglar Alarm Horn Relay
All Kia Sorento III info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Kia Sorento III (2015-2018) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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