Jeep Grand Cherokee III WK - Fuse box

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Interior Fuses

2 years ago by t0z
Jeep Grand Cherokee III WK Fuse box - interior fuses

The fuse panel is on the lower instrument panel just to the left of the steering column.

130 Amp GreenAudio Amp (B+)
215 AmpBlueSunroof (B+)
310 Amp RedHtd Mirror (EBL)
420 Amp YellowRr Pwr Out (B+)
510 Amp RedRr HVAC(R/O)
610 Amp RedOCM (B+)
720 Amp YellowDoor Locks (B+)
815 Amp BlueSteer Col Lock (B+)
920 Amp YellowPwr Outlet (B+)
1010 Amp RedIgn Run Only Out (R/O)
1210 Amp RedMem. Sw, Courtesy Lamp (B+)
1420Amp Yellow Cigar Ltr (R/A)
1510 Amp RedTire Press Mon (R/O)
1610 Amp RedSCM, Cluster OBD (B+)
1715 AmpBlue Flipper Glass (B+)
1910 Amp RedOCM (R/S)
2010 Amp RedWCM, Cluster (R/S)
2115 Amp Blue Autowipe (Accy Delay)
2215 Amp Blue Rear Wiper (B+)
2410 Amp RedPDC, FCM, A580 (R/S)
2510 Amp RedABS, Trans. Case Switch (R/S)
CB120 AmpCycle -Wipers (B+)
CB220 AmpNon - Cycle Seats (B+)
CB320 AmpNon - Cycle Windows (Delay)

Underhood Fuses (Power Distribution Center)

2 years ago by t0z
Jeep Grand Cherokee III WK Fuse box - underhood fuses (power distribution center)

140 Amp GreenHVAC Blower
230 Amp PinkPower Outlets
330 Amp PinkRr Wiper/Ign R/O
430 Amp PinkABS Pump
550 Amp RedCabin Htr 1 (Diesel Only)
650 Amp RedASD
730 Amp PinkRr HVAC (XK)
840 Amp GreenAcc Delay/Seats
1040 Amp GreenStarter/JB Power
1130 Amp PinkCig Ltr/T-Tow
1240 Amp GreenEBL/Htd Mirror
1340 Amp GreenJB Power
1450 Amp RedCabin Htr 2 (Diesel Only)
1550 Amp RedCabin Htr 3 (Diesel Only)
1625 Amp NaturalPM/Coils
1820 Amp YellowTCM/AC Clutch
1920 Amp YellowIgn Sw
2020 Amp YellowPCM Batt (Gasoline Only)
2130 Amp PinkABS Valves
2320 Amp YellowFDCM
2420 Amp YellowFuel Pump
2520 Amp YellowFDCM/E-Diff.
2615 Amp BlueHyd/PCM (Diesel Only)
2715 Amp BlueBrake/Stop Lamps
2825 Amp NaturalGC/Injectors
31Mini RelayCabin Htr 1 Rly (Diesel nly)
32Micro RelayTCM Rly (Gasoline Only)
33Micro RelayStarter Rly
34Micro RelayAC Clutch Rly
35Micro RelayFuel Pump Rly
36Mini RelayCabin Htr 3 Rly (Diesel nly)
38Mini RelayCabin Htr 2 Rly (Diesel nly)
39Mini RelayHVAC Blower Rly
40Mini RelayASD Rly

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Geoff Hunter
1 year ago

Hi can you tell me where the fuses / or relays are for the glow plug control module grand Cherokee wk 3.0 CRD ,thanks for your time

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