Hyundai Santa Fe SM Fuse box

Years of production: 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005

Inner Panel

Hyundai Santa Fe SM Fuse box inner panel
F120ACigarette lighter & Power outlet
F210AAudio, Power outside mirror
F315ADigital clock, Rear power outlet
F410ACruise control
F510AHead lamp relay
F625ASeat warmer
F710ARear wiper motor control
F810ARear window defogger, Power outside mirror
F910AA/C control, Sunroof controller, Electrical chrome mirror
F1010A(Not used)
F1110ARoom lamp, Door warning switch, Door lamp, Manual A/C control, Homelink controller
F1215ADigatal clock, ETACM, Audio, Siren
F1320AAMP speakers
F1410AStop lamp, Data link connector, Multipurpose check connector
F1510AHazard lamp
F1625APower seat, Rear wiper motor control
F1720ASunroof controller
F1830ADefogger relay
F1910AInstrument cluster, Pre-excitation resistor, ETACM, Auto light sensor, DRL control module, Generator
F2015ASRS control module
F2110AECM (V6 2.7L),PCM (I4 with A/T), ECM (I4 with M/T)
F2210AInstrument cluster (Air bag IND)
F2310AABS control module, G-Sensor, Air bledding connector, 4WD control module
F2410ATurn signal lamp
F2510ABack-up lamps, TCM, Vehicle speed secsor, ETS control module, Ignition failure sensor
F2620ADoor lock/unlock relay, Key lock/unlock relay
F2710ATail & parking lamp (LH), Turn signal lamp, License lamp
F2810ATail & parking lamp (RH), Fog lamp relay, Switch illumination
F2915AETS control module (V6 3.5L), Fail safety relay
F3010ARadiator fan relay, Condenser fan relay
F3120AFront wiper motor, Wiper relay, Washer motor

Engine Compartment

Hyundai Santa Fe SM Fuse box engine compartment
B+50ATail lamp relay, Fuse 11~17, Power connector
IGN50AStart relay, Ignition switch
BLR40AA/C Fuse, Blower relay
ABS.130AABS control module, Air bleeding connector
ABS.230AABS control module, Air bleeding connector
ECU40AEngine contorl relay
P/W30APower window relay, Fuse 26
RAD FAN40ARadiator fan relay
C/FAN20ACondenser fan relay
FRT FOG15AFog lamp relay
H/LP(LH)10ALeft head lamp, Instrument cluster, DRL control module
H/LP(RH)10ARight head lamp
ECU #120AIgnition failure sensor, Oxygen sensor
ECU #220AInjector
ECU #310ACheck engine ind, ECM, PCM
ECU(B+)15AFuel pump relay, ECM, TCM, Generator, PCM
ATM20AATM contorl relay, 4WD control module
HORN10AHorn relay
A/C10AA/C relay
All Hyundai Santa Fe SM info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Hyundai Santa Fe SM (2001-2005) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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~Chuck 17-02-2019
I have 2002 Santa Fe radiator fan is not working just quit a week ago what is fix

~james 20-10-2020
I have a 2005 santa fe and power window want work on pass side from door switch or driver side all others work

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