Hyundai i20 II (IB) (2014-2020) fuse box diagrams & schemes

Years of production: 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020

Fuse block location

Hyundai i20 II (IB) Fuse box fuse block location

Fuse block is located in the dashboard and in the engine compartment.

Inner fuse panel diagram

Hyundai i20 II (IB) Fuse box inner fuse panel diagram
Fuse NameFuse ratingCircuit Protected
SAFETY P/WDW25ADriver Safety Power Window Module
P/WDW LH25APower Window Main Switch, Passenger Power Window Switch
HTD MIRR10AECM, A/C Control Module, Driver/Passenger Power Outside Mirror
FOG LP FRT10AFront Fog Lamp Relay
P/WDW RH25ADriver Power Window Switch
STOP LAMP15AStop Signal Electronic Module
DR LOCK20AT/Gate Unlock Relay, Door Lock/Unlock Relay
BLOWER10AA/C Control Module, Blower Motor
ACC10APower Outside Mirror Switch, Auido, Digital Clock, BCM, Smart Key Control Module, I/P Junction Block (P/OUTLET Relay)
START10AA/T : Transaxle Range Switch, M/T : ECM, E/R Junction Block (Start Relay), Ignition Lock Switch, Smart Key Control Module
SENSOR10AWater Sensor
MODULE310AA/C Control Module, E/R Junction Block (Multipurpose Check Connector), Center Facia Switch, ATM Shift lever ILL
PDM125ASmart Key Control Module
PDM225ASmart Key Control Module, Start/Stop Button Switch
MODULE210ARear Parking Assist Sensor Buzzer, Rear Parking Assist Sensor LH/RH, Rear Parking Assist Sensor LH/RH (Center)
TCU15AA/T : Transaxle Range Switch, Vehicle spped sensor (In / Out), M/T : Vehicle Speed Sensor, I/P Junction Block (F26)
TAIL LP RH10ARear Combination Lamp (In/Out) RH, Head Lamp RH, ILL. (+), License Lamp
TAIL LP LH10ARear Combination Lamp (In/Out) LH, Head Lamp LH, License Lamp
RR WIPER15ARear Wiper Motor, Multifunction Switch,E/R Junction Block (Rear wiper relay)
ABS10AABS Control Module
A/BAG10ASRS Control Module
ECU10AECM, Smart Key Control Module
BRAKE SWITCH10AStop Lamp Switch, Smart Key Control Module
CLUSTER10AInstrument Cluster
MODULE110ABCM, Stop Lamp Switch,Sport mode switch
MODULE 410ABCM, Smart Key Control Module
A/CON10AE/R Junction Block (Blower Relay), A/C Control Module, Cluster Ionizer (Auto A/C)
WASHER15AWasher Motor
MODULE 510AElectro Chromic Mirror, BCM, E/R Junction Block (H/Lamp HI Relay)
A/BAG IND10AInstrument Cluster
ROOM LP10ALuggage Lamp, Room Lamp, BCM, Hazard Switch, Map Lamp, Center Room Lamp, Data Link Connector, Digital Clock, Instrument Cluster, A/C Control Module

Engine compartment main fuse panel diagram

Hyundai i20 II (IB) Fuse box engine compartment main fuse panel diagram
Fuse NameFuse RatingCircuit Protected
ALT[125A] (150A) Alternator Fuse - F9 / F10 / F11, Alternator Fuse : Gasoline - 125A, Diesel - 150A
B+330AI/P Junction Block (Power Connector (Fuse - F45, F46), Fuse - F5, F9, F34)
IG130AW/O Button Start : Ignition Switch With Button Start : PDM Relay Box (IG1 / ACC Relay)
B+130AI/P Junction Block (Fuse - F11, F20, F23, F24)
GLOW80AE/R Junction Block (RLY. 1)
B+540AI/P Junction Block (P/OUTLET Relay)
B+440AI/P Junction Block (RR HTD Relay)
ABS30AABS Control Module
ABS40AABS Control Module, Multipurpose Check Connector

[ ] : G4LA (1.2 Gasoline), G4LC (1.4 Gasoline)

( ) : D4FC (1.4 Diesel)

PCB Block (Gasoline engine)
Fuse NameFuse RatingCircuit Protected
ECU 130APCB Block (Engine Control Relay, Fuse - F25)
HORN15AHorn Relay, B/Alarm Horn Relay
F/PUMP20AF/Pump Relay
WIPER FRT25AWiper Lo Relay
H/LAMP LO20AH/Lamp Lo Relay
H/LAMP HI[20A] (10A)H/Lamp Hi Relay
C/FAN40AC/Fan Lo Relay, C/Fan Hi Relay
BLOWER50ABlower Relay
IG 230AStart Relay, W/O Button Start : Ignition Switch, With Button Start : PDM Relay Box (IG2 Relay)
IG 230AI/P Junction Block (P/WDW Relay, Fuse : F1)
ECU 315AF/Pump Relay, ECM, C/Fan Hi/Lo Relay, Camshaft Position Sensor #1/#2, Oxygen Sensor (Up/Down), Oil Control Valve #1/#2, Purge Control Solenoid Valve, Variable Intake Solenoid Valve
B/UP LAMP10AM/T : Back-Up Lamp Switch, I/P Junction Box (Fuse - F26), A/T : PCM, Transaxle Range Switch, instrument cluster, Electro chromic mirror
H/LAMP RH10AHead Lamp RH
H/LAMP LH10AHead Lamp LH
ECU 215AECM, Injector #1/#2/#3
IGN COIL15AG4LA : Ignition Coil G4LC : Ignition Coil #1/#2/#3/#4, Condenser

[ ] : General Head Lamp Type

( ) : Projection Head Lamp Type

Information about the model

Hyundai cars are very popular in the market and for all the right reasons. The company believes in providing high-quality vehicles at affordable rates. It’s been more than 50 years that the company is manufacturing cars and other vehicles. The good thing about Hyundai is that they have a wide range of cars to offer. For instance, the Hyundai i20 is one of their most popular range of family cars. Speaking of which Hyundai i20 II started production in 2014. It’s a hatchback model manufactured by the company.

Hyundai i20 II (IB): 2014 to 2020

Hyundai i20 II (IB) is a second-generation of i20 car models. The company started the production in 2014 and it continued till the beginning of 2020. The second-generation models are succeeded by the third-generation series.

Hyundai i20 II is a super-mini family car with a new exterior and interior design. It is equipped with a new 1.4-liter diesel engine for more power. The i20 II was first launched in 2014 in Europe and India. As far as the design goes, it features Hyundai’s Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 design philosophy. Some of the attractive features of the Hyundai i20 include a black C pillar block, trapezoidal fog lamps, wrap-around tail lamps, and re-worked headlights. They have also included a hexagonal front grille.

Coming to the interiors, it features a beige and black dual-tone dashboard with multi- steering-mounted audio controls. It also has Bluetooth integrated 2 DIN audio with Aux and USB inputs with 1GB storage. Other features include automatic temperature control, a dedicated engine start/stop button, and rear AC vents.

The i20 II is loaded with features. It is designed to give a comfortable experience to users. The super-mini design with a series of features makes Hyundai i20 II one of the best commercial cars on the market.

All Hyundai i20 II (IB) info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Hyundai i20 II (IB) (2014-2020) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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