Honda CV-R IV Fuse box

Years of production: 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

When it comes to ranking Japan-based automobile companies, Honda is one of the brands that come on the top. Honda Motor Company, Ltd. was founded in 1946, and since then, it is offering high-performance vehicles to customers.

The company is mainly known for its affordable vehicles. From cars to motorcycles, they manufacture and market a variety of vehicles. But in this post, we are going to talk about Honda CV-R IV which is a very popular car series from the company. Honda CV-R IV is a compact crossover SUV model manufactured by the company. The production of the model started in 2012 and continued till 2016.

Honda CV-R IV: Fourth Generation

Honda CV-R IV was first unveiled at the Orange County International Auto Show in 2011. The company started manufacturing in 2012. It comes with a powered 2.4L i-VTEC inline-four engine with 185 hp. It has an all new Real-Time all-wheel-drive with an intelligent control system. All the models released in the North American market has a 5-speed automatic transmission.

In 2015, the car received a facelift. It uses the direct-injected Earth Dreams engine. According to EPA, this is a fuel-efficient vehicle. The company also worked on the overall structure to make it safer for users. They improved the vehicle to make it crash-resistant. The car was also equipped with suspension shock absorbers, anti-roll bars, springs, and lower control arms. Honda CV-R IV was entirely revised and give new features by the company. The production continued till 2016, after which it was replaced by Honda CV-R V. Honda also included a larger brake booster to give the car a sportier feel. Honda CV-R IV is one of the finest range of cars from the company. It is economical and has great features. It made great sales in the US market.

Engine Compartment Fuse Box

Honda CV-R IV Fuse box engine compartment fuse box
No.Circuits ProtectedAmps.
1EPS70 A
1ABS/VSA Motor40 A
1E-DPS*(30 A)
1Main Fuse100 A
2IG Main50 A
2Fuse Box Main60 A
2Fuse Box Main 260 A
2Headlight Main30 A
2Rear Defogger30 A
2Blower40 A
2Front Wiper Main30 A
2Sub Fan Motor20 A
2Main Fan Motor20 A
8Sub Fan Rly CL7.5 A
10Heated Door Mirror*(7.5 A)
11STRLD7.5 A
12Fog Lights*(20 A)
13Premium Amp*(20 A)
14Horn10 A
15Hazard10 A
16Stop10 A
17IG Coil15 A
18IGP215 A
22DBW15 A
23IGP15 A
24Left Headlight Low Beam10 A
25Right Headlight Low Beam10 A
27MG Clutch7.5 A
28Interior Lights7.5 A
29Backup10 A

Interior fuse box

Honda CV-R IV Fuse box interior fuse box

Fuse locations are shown on the label on the cover.

Locate the fuse in question by the fuse number and label number.

No.Circuits ProtectedAmps.
2ACG10 A
3SRS10 A
4Fuel Pump15 A
5Meter10 A
6Power Window7.5 A
8Door Lock Motor 2 (Unlock)15 A
9Door Lock Motor 1 (Unlock)15 A
10Trailer*(7.5 A)
11Moonroof*(20 A)
12Accessory Power Socket (Center Console)(20 A)
14Seat Heaters*(20 A)
15Driver’s Door Lock Motor (Unlock)10 A
16Driver's PowerSeat Sliding*(20 A)
17Driver's Power Seat Reclining*(20 A)
19ACC7.5 A
20ACC Key Lock7.5 A
21Daytime Running Lights7.5 A
22A/C7.5 A
23Rear Wiper10 A
24ABS/VSA7.5 A
25Audio10 A
27Accessory Power Socket (Front)20 A
28Washer15 A
29ODS7.5 A
30Driver’s Door Lock Motor (Lock)*10 A
32Door Lock Motor 2 (Lock)15 A
33Door Lock Motor 1 (Lock)15 A
34Small Lights10 A
35Illumination7.5 A
38Left Headlight High Beam10 A
39Right Headlight High Beam10 A
40TPMS7.5 A
41Door Lock20 A
42Driver’s Power Window20 A
43Rear Passenger’s Side Power Window20 A
44Front Passenger’s Side Power Window20 A
45Rear Driver’s Side Power Window20 A

* Not available on all models

All Honda CV-R IV info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Honda CV-R IV (2012-2016) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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