Ford Bronco VI Fuse box

Years of production: 2021 2022 2023 2024

Under hood fuse box location

Ford Bronco U725  Under hood fuse box location

Under hood fuse box diagram

Ford Bronco U725  Under hood fuse box diagram
ItemRating ProtectedComponent
130 ABody control module - battery power in feed 1.
330 ABody control module - battery power in feed 2.
430 AFuel pump.
625 APowertrain control module power.
730 APowertrain components.
820 APowertrain components.
920 AIgnition coils.
1340 ABlower motor.
1610 ARear windshield washer.
1830 AStarter motor.
2110 ANot used (spare).
2210 A360 degree camera module.
2310 AAnti-lock brake system runstart feed.
2410 APowertrain control module. Power steering module.
2510 ABlind spot information system. Rear view camera. Adaptive cruise control. Driveline control module.
2615 ATransmission control module.
2860 AAnti-lock brake system valves.
2960 AAnti-lock brake system pump.
3030 ADriver power seat.
3130 APassenger power seat.
3220 AAuxiliary power point.
3320 AAuxiliary power point.
3420 AAuxiliary power point.
3640 A150 watt DC/AC inverter.
3830 AHeated seat module.
4230 ATrailer brake control module.
4410 ABrake on-off switch.
4620 ASYNC module.
5040 AHeated rear windshield.
5440 ADriveline control module.
5530 ATrailer tow park lamp relay.
5820 ATrailer tow backup lamps.
6030 AUpfitter switch #1.
6115 AUpfitter switch #2.
6210 AUpfitter switch #3.
6310 AUpfitter switch #4.
6410 AUpfitter switch #5.
6510 AUpfitter switch #6.
6610 AStability bar disconnect module.
6930 AFront windshield wiper.
7130 ARear windshield wiper.
9140 ATrailer tow light module.
10020 ALeft-hand headlamps.
10120 ARight-hand headlamps.
10730 ATrailer tow battery charge.
12010 AFuel injectors (2.7L).
1245 ANot used (spare).
12510 AUSB smart charger 1.
1395 AUSB smart charger 2.
1405 ANot used (spare).
1415 ANot used (spare).
14620 AAmplifier.
15810 AStability bar disconnect module run/start.
16010 ASmart data link control.
18260 ADriver door module.
18360 APassenger door module.
20260 ABody control module B+.
21030 ABody control module start stop.

Body control module fuse box location

Ford Bronco U725  Body control module fuse box location

Body control module fuse box diagram

Ford Bronco U725  Body control module fuse box diagram
ItemRatingProtected Component
1-Not used.
210 APower windows. DC/AC inverter.
37.5 AExterior mirrors. Wireless charging module.
420 ANot used (spare).
5-Not used.
610 AAnti-theft alarm horn.
710 ANot used.
85 ANot used (spare).
95 ANot used (spare).
10-Not used.
11-Not used.
127.5 AClimate control. Gateway module.
137.5 AInstrument cluster module.
1415 ANot used (spare).
1515 ANot used (spare).
16-Not used.
177.5 ANot used (spare).
187.5 ANot used (spare).
195 AIgnition switch. Headlamps.
205 ATelematics modem.
215 AIn-vehicle temperature and humidity sensor.
225 ANot used.
2330 ANot used (spare).
2430 ANot used (spare).
2520 ANot used (spare).
2630 ANot used (spare).
2730 ANot used (spare).
2830 ANot used (spare).
2915 ANot used (spare).
305 ABrake on-off switch.
3110 ATerrain management switch. Integrated control panel switch. Driveline and chassis controls switch panel. 12-inch center display. Radiofrequency receiver module.
3220 AAudio control module.
33-Not used.
3430 ARun/start relay.
355 ANot used (spare).
3615 AAutomatic high beam. Image processing module A.
3720 AAuto-dimming interior mirror. Parking assist control module. Heated steering wheel.
3830 ACircuit Breaker Not used.
All Ford Bronco VI info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Ford Bronco VI (2021-2024) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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