Citroën C8 I Fuse box

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Citroën C8 I Fuse box instrument panel fuses

Open the lower glove box on the right-hand side. Pull the handle to open the cover and access the fuses.

FuseRating (A)Functions
115Rear wiper.
2-Not used.
35Air bag control unit.
410Steering wheel angle sensor, Diagnostic socket, ESP sensor, Manual air conditioning, Clutch switch, Headlamp beam height, Particle emission fi lter pump, Electrochromatic interior mirror.
530Electric mirrors, Passenger's electric window motor, Sunroof row 1.
630Front electric windows supply.
75Courtesy lights, Glove box light, Courtesy mirror lights, Entertainment screen lights row 2.
820Multifunction display, Anti-theft alarm siren, Audio equipment, Compact disc changer, Audio/ telephone, Diesel additive control unit, Tyre under-infl ation detection control unit, Sliding doors module control unit.
1015Steering wheel switching, Trailer fuse box.
1115Diagnostic socket, Ignition switch, Automatic gearbox (4-speed).
1215Driver's seat memory unit, Passenger's electric seat, Air bag control unit, Parking assistance control unit, Sliding side door buttons, Hands-free kit, Automatic gearbox (6-speed).
135Engine fuse box, Trailer fuse box.
1415Rain sensor, Automatic air conditioning, Instrument panel, Sunroofs, Odometer warning lights unit, Audio-telematics control.
1530Passenger's lock locking.
1630Locking/unlocking of the accesses.
1740Heated rear screen.


Citroën C8 I Fuse box battery compartment fuses

The fuses are located in the battery compartment, housed underneath the floor in front of the seat on the righthand side: unclip the cover. Carefully close the cover when you have finished.

FuseRating (A)Functions
1 *40Electric sliding side door.
2 *40Electric sliding side door.
3 *-Not used.
4 *40Trailer fuse box.
315Main brake switch.
3225Driver's seat memorisation.
3325Passenger's seat memorisation.
3420Sunroof row 3.
3520Sunroof row 2.
3610Passenger's heated seat.
3710Driver's heated seat.
3815Not used.
392012 V accessories socket row 3.
402012 V accessories socket row 2.

* The maxi-fuses provide additional protection for the electrical systems. All work must be carried out by a CITROËN dealer.


Citroën C8 I Fuse box engine compartment fuses

To access the fuses located in the engine compartment (to the left of the coolant reservoir): unclip the cover. Carefully close the cover when you have finished.

The electrical system of your vehicle is designed to operate with standard or optional equipment. Before installing other electrical equipment or accessories on your vehicle, consult a CITROËN dealer.

CITROËN will not accept responsibility for the cost incurred in repairing your vehicle or for rectifying the malfunctions resulting from the installation of accessories not supplied and not recommended by CITROËN and not installed in accordance with its instructions, in particular where the equipment in question consumes more than 10 milliamperes.

The designations communicated only relate to the fuses which can be changed by the user using the pliers and spare fuses, located in the glove box behind the instrument panel fuse box, on the right-hand side. For any other work, visit a CITROËN dealer.

FuseRating (A)Functions
120Engine control unit, Fuel supply and air supply systems, Fan assembly.
310Front and rear wash-wipe pump.
420Headlamp wash pump.
515Fuel supply system.
610Power steering, Secondary brake pedal switch, Automatic gearbox control unit, Air fl ow sensor, Automatic beam corrector with xenon bulbs.
710Braking system (ABS/ESP).
820Starter control.
910Main brake switch.
1030Fuel supply and air supply systems, Emission control systems.
1140Front air conditioning.
1230Windscreen wipers.
1340Built-in systems interface.
1430Not used.
1530Child lock locking/unlocking/deadlocking control.
All Citroën C8 I info & diagrams provided on this site are provided for general information purpose only. Actual Citroën C8 I (2002-2014) diagrams & schemes (fuse box diagrams & layouts, location diagrams, wiring diagrams etc.) may vary depend on the model version.
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