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Engine Compartment Fuse Block

1 year ago by Maverik
Chevrolet Colorado II Fuse box - engine compartment fuse block

The engine compartment fuse block is in the engine compartment, on the driver side of the vehicle.

Lift the cover to access the fuse block.

A fuse puller is available inside this fuse block.

Mini Fuses (2 pin)Usage
F01Traction Control Module Power
F02Engine Control Module Power
F03Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch
F04Not Used
F05Fuel Module Ignition
F07Cargo Lamp
F08Fuel Injectors - Even
F09Fuel Injectors - Odd
F10Engine Control Module
F11Miscellaneous 1 Ignition
F13Traction Control Module
F14Not Used
F15Not Used
F16Not Used
F17Front Axle Actuator
F18Not Used
F20Not Used
F23Not Used
F29Not Used
F30Heated Seat Power 1
F31Not Used
F32Heated Seat Power 2
F33Body Control Module 3
F34Fuel System Control Module
F35Not Used
F36Center High Mounted Stop Lamp
F37Right High-Beam Headlamp
F38Left High-Beam Headlamp
F39Not Used
F40Not Used
F46Not Used
F47Miscellaneous 2 Ignition
F48Fog Lamps (If Equipped)
F49Not Used
F50Trailer Park Lamps
F52Not Used
F53Not Used
F54Not Used
F55Not Used
F56Washer Pump
F57Not Used
F58Not Used
F60Mirrors Defogger
F61Not Used
F62Canister Vent Solenoid
F63Not Used
F64Trailer Reverse Lamp
F65Left Trailer Stop/ Turn Lamps
F66Right Trailer Stop/ Turn Lamps
F67Electric Power Steering
F68Not Used
F69Battery Regulated Voltage Control
F70Not Used
F71Not Used
J-Case Fuses (Low Profile)Usage
F21Front Blower
F22Antilock Brake System Valves
F25Transfer Case Electronic Control
F26Antilock Brake System Pump
F27Trailer Brake Control Module
F28Rear Window Defogger
F41Not Used
F42Not Used
F43Cooling Fan
F44Not Used
F45Brake Vacuum Pump
F59Not Used
Midi FusesUsage
F72Not Used
F73Not Used
F75Not Used
Micro RelaysUsage
K01Air Conditioning Compressor Clutch
K03Not Used
K04Wipers Speed
K05Wipers Control
K06Cargo Lamp
K08Not Used
K09Not Used
K10Not Used
K11Center High Mounted Stop Lamp
K12Not Used
K13Vacuum Pump
K14Park Lamps
Mini RelaysUsage
K17Rear Window Defogger
Solid State RelayUsage
K16Not Used

Instrument Panel Fuse Block

1 year ago by Maverik
Chevrolet Colorado II Fuse box - instrument panel fuse block

The instrument panel fuse block is behind the passenger side cowl side trim panel. Remove the plastic nut at the front of the cover, then pull the cover away from the trim panel to access the fuse block.

Micro Fuse (2 Pin)Usage
F01Body Control Module 1
F04Steering Wheel Controls
F05Body Control Module 2
F08Mirror Window Module
F09Instrument Cluster
F10Not Used
F11Body Control Module 8
F12Not Used
F15Body Control Module 6
F16Not Used
F17Body Control Module 4
F19Not Used
F20Amplifier (if equipped)
F21Not Used
F22Not Used
F24Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning Ignition
F25Body Control Module 7
F26Not Used
F27Not Used
F29Miscellaneous Ignition
F31Front Camera
F32Steering Wheel Controls Backlighting
F34Not Used
F35Park, Reverse, Neutral, Drive, Low
F36Discrete Logic Ignition Sensor
F38Not Used
Micro Fuse (3 Pin)Usage
F13OnStar/Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
F23Data Link Connector/USDB
F28Instrument Panel/Sensing and Diagnostic Module Ignition
F33Not Used
Micro J-Case FuseUsage
F02Not Used
F03Not Used
F06Not Used
F07Not Used
F39Auxiliary Power Outlet 2
F41Auxiliary Power Outlet 1/Lighter
F42Left Power Window
F43Driver Power Seat
F45Right Power Window
F46Passenger Power Seat
J-Case FuseUsage
F30Not Used
F40Auxiliary Power Outlet
F44Auxiliary Power Outlet
Mini Fuse (2 Pins)Usage
F37Not Used
Micro RelayUsage
K1Retained Accessory Power/Accessory

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