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Instrument Panel left - Fuse Location

2 years ago by t0z
Audi A3 8P Fuse box - instrument panel left - fuse location

Note that the following table is accurate at the time of going to press and is subject to change. In the event of discrepancies, the label on th e inside of the cover alw ays ta kes precedence.

The power seats are protected by circuit breakers, which automatically reset after a few seconds after the overload has been remedied.

1Engine components (I), manual headlight beam adjustment, automatic headlight beam adjustment, AFS control module , engine components (II), light switch (switch lighting/illumination), diagnosissocket10
2- All Wheel Drive, automatic transmission, control module for CAN data transfer (gateway), electromechanical steering, shift gate automatic transmission, engine relay, fuel tank control unit, engine control unit, brakes control (ABS), Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP), Anti-Slip I Regulation (ASRl, brake light switch10
4Air-conditioning (pressure sensor, air quality sensor), button for Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP), Anti-Slip Regulation (ASRI, oil level sensor (WIVl, back-up light switch, front seat heating, Seat-occupancy recognition (on USA 5 vehicles), navigation, garage door opener, automatic mirror dimming, Heated windshield washer nozzles,air conditioning (control module)5
5AFS headlights (left side)5
6AFS headlights (right side)5
7Not used-
8Not used-
9Not used-
10Not used-
11Not used-
12Central locking (front doors)
13Central locking (rear doors), convenience electronics (control module)10
14Electronic Stabilization Program (ESP) (control module), automatic transmission (control modulel, shift gate automatic transmission10
15Interior lights, reading lights10
16Diagnostic connector, rain sensor, air conditioning (control module)10
17Anti theft alarm warning system5
18Diag starter5
19Not used-
20Not used-
21Not used-
22Air conditioning (blower fan)40
23Driver's side power window, front30
24Cigarette lighter20
25Rear window defogger30
26Power outlet in luggage compartment20
27Fuel tank control module, fuel pump15
28Power window, rear30
29Not used-
30Automatic transmission20
31Automatic transmission (vacuum pump)20
32Not used-
33Sliding/pop-up roof20
34Not used-
35Not used-
36Lumbar support10
37Heated seats, front20
38Passenger side power window, front30
39Not used-
40Heating (blower fan)40
41Rear window wiper15
42Windshield wiper (washer pump)15
43Convenience electronics (control module)20
44Trailer control module20
45Trailer control module15
46Not used-
47Cell phone package (VDA interface)5
48Not used-
49Not used-

Left side of engine compartment

2 years ago by t0z
Audi A3 8P Fuse box - left side of engine compartment

Please check your car's fuse layout, there are two different layouts.

Some of the equipment items listed are optional or only available on certain model configurations. Please note that the preceding table was accurate at the time of printing and is subject to change. In the event of discrepancies, the label on the inside of the cover always takes precedence.

Variation (1) with 30 Plugin Fuses

F1Not used-
F2Steering wheel electronics5
F3Battery voltage5
F4Anti lock brake system (ABS) valves30
F5Transmission control module15
F6Instrument cluster module5
F7Transmission control module30
F8Navigation system, radio system 15/25
F9Navigation system, digital radio, cell phone, TV equipment5
F10Engine control module, main relay5/10
F11Not used-
F12Control module for CAN data transfer (gateway)5
F13Engine control module15/25
F14Ignition coils20
F15Tank diagnosis,oxygen sensor10/15
F16Ant i-lock brake system (ABS) pump30
F18Audio amplifier30
F19Front windshield wiper system30
F20Volume regulator valve20
F21Oxygen sensor10
F22Clutch pedal switch, brake light switch5
F23Engine relays, engine components5/10/15
F24Engine components10
F25Right-side lighting (elect rical system control unit)30
F26Left-side lighting (electric system control unit)30
F27Secondary air pump40
F28Power supply relay term inal 1540
F29Fuse assignment in the left-side instrument panel (special equipment)50
F30Power supply relay terminal 7550

Variation (2) with 54 Plugin Fuses

F1Anti-lock brake system (ABS) pump30
F2Anti -lock brake system (ABS) valves30
F3Not used-
F4Battery voltage5
F6Volumecontrol valve/fuel pump15
F7Not used-
F8Not used-
F9Engine components10
F10Fuel tank control, mass air flow sensor10
F11Oxygen sensors, in front of catalytic converter10
F12Oxygen sensors, behind catalytic converter10
F13Automatic transmission15
F14Not used-
F15Water return-flow pump10
F16Steer ing wheel electronics5
F17Instrument cluster module5
F18Audio amplifier30
F19Navigation system, radio system 15/25
F20Navigation system, digital radio, cell phone, TV equipment5
F21Not used-
F22Not used-
F23Engine control modu le, main relay10
F24Contro l modulefor CAN data transfer (gateway)5
F25Not used-
F26Not used-
F27Not used-
F28Engine control module15
F29Engi ne relays, eng ine components5
F30Not used-
F31Front windshield wiper system30
F32Not used-
F33Not used-
F34Not used-
F35Not used-
F36Not used-
F37Not used-
F38Engine components10
F39Clutch pedal switch, brake light switch5
F40Ignition coils20
F41Not used-
F42Power supply engine relay5
F43Ignition coils30
F44Not used-
F45Not used-
F46Not used-
F47Left-side lighting (electric system control unit)30
F48Right-side light ing (electrical system control unit)30
F49Power supply relay terminal 1540
F50Not used-
F51Secondary air pump40
F52Power supply relay terminal 7550
F53Fuse assignment in the left-side instrument panel (special equipment)50
F54Not used-

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2 years ago

Is the cigarette lighter fuse only in instrumental panel? I replaced it and lighter still doesn't work...

1 year ago

My car Audi A3 2.0fsi is not turning on after removing the battery terminal and put it back again. I was charging a horn of the car. Then the car after replacing the horn never turn on again.

1 year ago

MJ, maybe youre car lost codes, coz when u leave the car without batery for a while, and codes lost and cant turn it on, u need to take ure care at the electrician or somewhere else. Thanks.

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