Which motor oil should I use?

Published 26-05-2021 Maverik

Which motor oil should I use?

Do you want to enjoy your car as long as possible? Do you enjoy driving it for miles and miles? To do that you have to choose the right oil. It cannot be too thick or too thin. The degree of viscosity has a huge impact on engine protection. On the market, you will find many options to choose from. But what to choose? Keep in mind that oil gets thicker in the winter. Conversely, as the ambient temperature rises, the oil becomes less dense, thinning.

Standard of the oil

The first rule is to adjust the purchase of oil to the standard that has been imposed on us by the car manufacturer. Companies that have predetermined which oils can be used in their engines include BMW, Mercedes, and Renault. In such a situation the choice is simple - we stick to the guidelines and look for the oil intended for our car.

But what if we do not have such a specification? The first key element that we should pay attention to is the quality class. This is a uniform system defined by ACEA to designate the purpose of oil and its level of technical sophistication. In shortcut: letter A stands for oil intended for the petrol engine, B for diesel, C for diesel with DFP filter. The letter is followed by the quality grade. This is usually specified in the car's service book if there were no oil standards imposed in advance. If we have a designation A3/B4, it means that the given oil is suitable for both types of engines.

The third important thing that we have to pay attention to is the viscosity class. In this case, we use the SAE class for evaluation. This is a system that determines how the oil behaves at different temperatures (how fluid it is). At the moment, all-season oils with the "W" marking are most often used.

The right oil producer

An important element in the choice of oil is its producer. Of course, you should read opinions about specific companies, but, as you know, opinions are always divided. Therefore, review the selected parameters of particular oils yourself. They include, e.g. Viscosity Index - VI, TBN, and type of oil base.

To sum up, when choosing motor oil, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and comply with the required standards. This will enable you to enjoy your car for a long time.

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