What is the wheel bearing replacement cost?

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

What is the wheel bearing replacement cost?

The wheel bearing of your car is responsible for smooth wheel rotation as well as stable weight handling. However, this part, just like many others is not immune to wear and tear. In those cases it needs repairs. But before we discuss repair costs, it's important to know the causes for repair.

What are the causes for repair?

You might have to opt for repairs if there's internal corrosion, an accident, old age wear, and tear, or moisture infiltration. Know that internal corrosion or wear and tear are effects of usage and old age. If you have gone long without replacing your wheel bearing then you might come across these issues a lot.

However, an accident or moisture infiltrations are flukes or one-time things that can break or prevent the smooth rotation of the wheel bearing. Not to mention the fact that the bearing itself is connected securely to multiple other car parts. So if other pieces get destroyed, then it can damage the bearing function as well. In that case, you might have to repair the wheel bearing too.

How will you know it's time to repair your car's wheel bearing?

  1. The first step to recognizing any issue is to look for unusual noises like a popping or snapping sound. If you find that there are multiple sound signals then it simply means that there's an issue going on with the wheel bearings. Now, this can just mean that your wheel bearing is beginning to wear down. 
  2. Note that apart from the popping sound, you should also look out for dragging or grinding noises. These are also signs of wheel-bearing damage. But that's not all. Make sure to look for noise changes yourself. 
  3. If you find that there is noise change after you change the acceleration from fast to slow or even vice versa, then that's a sign of a wheel bearing in need of repair. 
  4. You should also look for vibrations in your car's steering wheel. This is because if the wheel starts vibrating at greater speeds then there could be a wheel bearing issue as well. It could point to a loose or broken wheel which in turn could make driving difficult. 
  5. However, if you feel like instead of just vibrations the wheel is wobbling from one side to the other then you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. 
  6. Note that some brake systems come with anti-lock brakes as well. In those, there are "ABS" signals present on your or the driver's side of the dashboard. If that keeps on glowing then it's advised that you get your wheel checked. 
  7. If you find your car drifting steadily towards just one side, then note that it is another sign pointing towards a bad bearing. However, do note that a car drifting can be the result of alignment issues as well. But no matter the issue, if your car is drifting then you should get it checked.

What is the cost of wheel bearing replacement?

Note that the cost you might have to incur to replace your bearing depends on multiple factors. But mainly your car model, the year of manufacture, and the worker doing the job will determine how much you have to shell out. 

However, even as a general estimate, the wheel bearing replacement can cost you anywhere from $100 to $700. But you should at least have anywhere from $300 to $500 saved for this calamity. 

Note that you can replace the wheel bearing if you know how to for your car model. However, if you are unsure then it's advised you consult a professional. This will minimize car damage and cost.

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