What are bad spark plug symptoms?

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

What are bad spark plug symptoms?

We all know that to ignite fuel in the combustion chamber spark plays a very important role. Spark plugs play a critical element in internal combustion. During the installation of a vehicle, a mechanic usually sets specific kinds of sparks for different types of vehicles. Good quality spark plugs are essential for burning the fuel in a vehicle efficiently. You can replace your spark plug after driving your vehicle for more than 30,000 miles. But people can go up to 50,000 miles as well, depending on the usage and type of vehicle.

Some of the factors that contribute to bad spark plugs are mentioned below:

  • Reduction in the mileage of Gas
  • Poor Acceleration
  • Misfire in the engine
  • Rough handling of the vehicles

There are a few common symptoms that cause bad spark plugs in vehicles

Poor acceleration

Ignition problem occurs in vehicles due to slow acceleration. This is a very common symptom when it comes to a bad spark plug in a vehicle. There are multiple sensors in the modern-day engine which gives a signal to the vehicles when there is a problem with the ignition system. If it fails to give a signal, then the problem might be with the sensor as well. Another easy way to find out is when your car moves sluggishly when you drive it may be because of the bad spark plug.

Fuel Economy

Fuel economy, which is poor in your car can be a symptom of ignition problem in your vehicle. A simple way to find is when your spark plug is in a good condition the burning of the fuel takes place correctly inside the combustion system. If not, it is a clear indicator that your spark plug is not in proper working condition. An important aspect that could have contributed to the bad spark plug might be the reduction in the economy of the fuel in your vehicle.

Engine Malfunction

If you find that your vehicle’s engine is not working, then it is a problem that is associated with the ignition. This can be caused by a poor or bad spark plug also. Sputtering or stumbling sounds from your car engine might be a clear indicator of a bad spark plug that you need to take care of. In such a situation, it is better to take the vehicle to your mechanic and get the repair works done to avoid further damage.

Starting trouble

If you notice any kind of trouble in starting your vehicle, then it could be some abnormal issues with the spark plug. This is the initial sign irrespective of whether you have an SUV or a truck to detect that it has some issues with the ignition system. It is better to take advice from a professional because they will be able to direct you to the right course of action.

Reduction in the mileage of gas

This is an easy way to find out that your vehicle has poor spark plugs. When your spark plugs don’t function well this is a very clear indicator that it can have a bad impact on the vehicle’s gas pipe. This will lead to frequent visits to the gas station as well. So if you notice such things it is better to take your vehicle to the service center.

If you notice any of the above symptoms and continue to drive the vehicle it might lead to severe damage along with more expense. Therefore, it is better to take your vehicle to a trusted or known mechanic and get the repair works done as early as possible. Apart from the common cause, important information that has to be noted is that spark plugs wear out after some time irrespective of the maintenance.

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