Liquid is leaking from underneath car

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

Liquid is leaking from underneath car

Liquid leaking underneath the car is a very common issue face by people who own vehicles. In such a scenario, it is important to resolve the issue as early as possible because it might lead to severe damage for which you will have to spend more money. There are two types of liquid leakages from the vehicles: Oil and water leakage underneath the car.

Before taking your vehicle to the service center ensure what type of leakage has occurred to your vehicle to stop the leakage. Water leakage can be stopped easily without having to spend more money on it.

Things to be aware of about leakage underneath your car

  • When you notice any kind of leakage underneath your car, kindly make sure that the liquid is water before you take any action.
  • Ensure the type of liquid leakage underneath your car, as in whether it is the liquid from the coolant or oil leakage from the engine.
  • Take a look at the colour of the liquid dripping from your car.
  • The liquid coming from the coolant is usually blue in colour and oil leakage can be easily identified.
  • If you find liquid leakage other than the ones mentioned above, then it could probably be water leakage.

Common reasons for liquid leakage underneath your car

The air conditioner in your car

The most common reason for the dripping of water underneath your car is because of the air conditioner that is present over there. Sometimes you might even observe that the water is leaking from that of the AC in your car which might lead to water in another location in the car. There are chances that in the air conditioning units the moisture present in the air accumulates which automatically leads to water leakage.

Exhaust pipeline

The combustion process in your car might lead to propelling a small amount of water from the exhaust pipe. This is very common and there is nothing you need to worry about. It doesn’t cause any severe damage to your car. One important factor that you need to take into consideration is that the water that comes from the exhaust pipe should not be the water from the coolant. If the leakage is from the coolant then you will have to take steps in resolving the issue as it might cause damage to your car.

Here are some of the leakage situations in your car that needs to be considered for immediate action:

  • If you notice brown colour leakage underneath your car, then you will have to take your car immediately to a trusted mechanic.
  • This leak has to be taken seriously because its brown colour leakages are caused by faulty brakes in the car known as brake fluids.
  • If this problem is unattended then it might even cause severe problems like accidents.
  • This type of liquid leakage is very rare and if you notice it immediately take it to the mechanic shop as it might be so dangerous.
  • Leakage from the brakes can be harmful as it loses the safety control of your car.

If you find any type of leakage in your car, please notice what kind of leakage is that with the help of the above-mentioned points and take necessary actions as early as possible.

Leakage in your car not only causes damage to the vehicles but also acts as a threat to the safety of people traveling in that vehicle. Check your car or whichever vehicle for that matter and ensure that you maintain it in a perfect condition that is safe for driving.

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