How to play Bluetooth music in the car?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

How to play Bluetooth music in the car?

Bluetooth is a short wave technology that lets you connect two congenial devices. Inside a car, this Bluetooth technology can enable you to use your phone without engaging your hands. This means you don't have to hold your phone in your hands but can answer a call, play music, perform other functions can access your contacts, etc. Nowadays, every standard car has a Bluetooth feature installed. A Bluetooth enabled car works similar to a Bluetooth headphone. It allows you to stream your favorite podcasts or tunes, thus eliminating the need to insert CDs or operate internet radios, etc.

Now this Bluetooth technology that is gradually becoming a standard for every car isn't compatible with every device. Not just that, the system, features, and interface of the Bluetooth mechanism varies from model to model. If you are willing to check whether your handset and your car's Bluetooth system are compatible, we have listed below a guide. Following the steps mentioned above, you can play Bluetooth music in the car and confirm that both are compatible.

How to play music inside a car using Bluetooth

In the steps mentioned below, you will come to know how can you pair your handset with your car's audio unit. However, this pairing is a one-time procedure. You do not have to connect the two every time you disconnect. The car's audio unit and your handset will recognize and connect automatically next time onwards.  You can always refer to your car's manual to know the steps.

  1. Switch on the Bluetooth on your car's audio system. For that, press home and visit the settings menu. 
  2. Find Bluetooth connection. 
  3. Now click on pairing. This will activate the pairing mode of your device, thus allowing nearby devices to recognize it. 
  4. Switch on your phone's Bluetooth. Look for available devices nearby. If your phone's Bluetooth is on, it will automatically get connected if both are compatible. Usually, smartphones have their pairing mode on. So you do not have to turn it on. However, car audio systems do not work this way. Owners have to enable the pairing mode.  
  5. Once the car's audio system shows in the list of available devices, click on select and pair. Sometimes, you have to go through the available list of devices on your car's audio system. The pairing mechanism varies from model to model. However, the steps mentioned above are the general way of pairing both devices. 
  6. The system can also demand a passkey consisting of four digits. It can also ask for verification to know whether the passkey displayed on both devices matches. It's a regulatory mechanism for ensuring that you are connecting to the right device. 
  7. Once the pairing is complete, your phone will receive a confirmation message. If you see carefully, you will notice that the Bluetooth symbol on your handset changes slightly when it's connected with another system.

If your handset and the cat's Bluetooth system are compatible and the pairing is successful, both will receive each other's information, making it possible for them to connect next time automatically.

If your handset's Bluetooth is enabled when you are inside the car with its ignition on, the car's audio system will automatically search for the last connected device. Thus, both devices get connected.

If in case, the car's audio system fails to recognize your handset's Bluetooth, you can check first whether both devices are paired properly. Pairing is important for both devices to connect. Without pairing, your car's audio system will not receive any information through your handset's Bluetooth. Also, you must check if your cat's Bluetooth stereo is connected to some other device. If yes, you have to disconnect that first and then pair it with your handset.

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