How to make the Ford Mustang faster?

Published 05-02-2021 Maverik

How to make the Ford Mustang faster?

The Mustang is one of the most favorite muscle cars in America, which had been in the market for several years now. It has been capturing the market in different forms, including the V6. Despite possessing less power than its other counterparts the Mustang is a robust car. There are a lot of ways by which you can avail higher speed from the Ford Mustang by making changes to the engine suspension and exhaust mechanism.

Installation of exhaust with a better free-flow

The exhaust system present in a Mustang is limited so one of the major changes you will need to make is installing an exhaust with higher diameter. You can either buy the exhaust system as well as a header from any vehicle manufacturing company which retains the performance parts or have the exhaust shop helping in the installation of performance exhaust.

Replacement of airbox

The next effective way that you can try is replacing the air box of your vehicle with proper cold air intake. The stock intake possessed by a Mustang allows only a restricted amount of air to enter the engine, while a cold air intake can offer the motor the right amount of air that it will need. Higher the amount of air that the engine gets, the higher power it can generate. Also, a cold air intake is very beneficial for your vehicle. Installation of a cold air intake is quite easy in most cases, and it involves the eradication of the stock airbox before bolting on the new one.

Reprogramming of the engine computer

Reprogramming the computer of your vehicle’s engine is advised for a better speed. A performance guide will calculate the amount of air, fuel as well as spark received by the engine and it will also help it in generating more power. This renovation must be carried out by a shop that is accustomed to working with automotive electronic equipment.

Installation of good suspension

The next change that you can make to make your Mustang faster is installing a high power suspension. As equipped originally, the Mustang is known to have a reliable suspension, which is good for comfort but not good enough for speed. Removal of the shocks and stock springs and installing stiffer ones along with lower springs can help you in making adjustments to the performance shocks that will further let your Mustang become fast like never before.

Replacement of tires and stock wheels

Replacing the tires and stock wheels with the help of a performance wheel along with a tire package can be helpful. A bigger set of wheels will let you install broader tires that can be handled and gripped very easily. For making this process even easier, you just need to buy wheels that you want to be included in the tires from before. All you need to do is jacking up the floor jack of your vehicle before installing new tires and wheels.

Lighten the pressure

Speed gaining is not just a part of including extra power, but it is as much a matter of weight, and a lack too. If you want to keep your vehicle usable for the streets, you can opt for the installation of lighter seats in the place of heavy seats. This can decrease the pressure created on your vehicle.

So, mentioned above are some ways by which you can make your Mustang faster. You can try implementing these ways if you want to make the best out of your Ford Mustang.

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