How to check my VIN code?

Published 02-02-2021 Maverik

How to check my VIN code?

Before going on to check your VIN code, you need to understand what this means. VIN is the short form of Vehicle Identification Number. Note that this number is made of a total of 17 characters. Know that the collection of characters is completely different for different vehicles. Every car has a VIN since 1981. You can check your VIN code to understand your vehicle better.  Do you want to know how you can check your VIN code? Then read on.

How to check your VIN code?

You will find your VIN on the bottom part of your windshield. Note that it will be on the driving side and it will be on the very outside of the shield. If you can't find it there, then you will find it on the side of your driver's door or inside the bulkhead. 

Sometimes you can even find it on the driver's side of the pillar and inside of it. If you have a new car then this VIN is stored within the electronic devices for tighter security reasons. But the question is- can you read and understand your vehicle identification number? After all, those 17 characters aren't jumbled up together to form some random number that's given to your car. 

Each of the characters means something. So let us know how to decode the VIN so that you can know what it means.

How can you decode a vehicle identification number?

The first 3 digits make up the WMI or the World Manufacturer Identifier number. The very first digit represents the number of the country where the vehicle was made. The second digit stands for the manufacturer's number. For example: if there is a 'B' then that stands for BMW whereas 'G' stands for General Motors. The last and third digit works together with the previous two numbers and helps one identify the kind of vehicle you have.

For example: if you have a Chevrolet car then the first 3 digits of VIN would be 1GC. 1 is for the US, 'G' stands for General Motors, and the last 'C' is for Truck.

4 to 8 stand for the vehicle meaning or descriptor

This section represents the restraint type, model type, engine, body type, and transmission. So the numbers will vary from one car model to another drastically even if the company remains the same.

9th is the security code

This number refers to the letter or code number of the manufacturer to know about the authenticity of the entire number. It is often known as the check number.

10-17th characters stand for the VIS or Vehicle Identification Section

The 10th number stands for the year the model was made. For example, if the character is 'D' then it means that it is a 2013 car model. The next 11th number stands for the plant code of the manufacturer. After that, from the 12th to the 17th digits stand for the production line of it all.

So it's really easy to check as well as understand your vehicle identification number. Know that if you understand it, then memorizing it will be easy and you will be able to present this information in times of need and security breaches. After all, the number written on the windshield or driver's door can fade with time. But if you remember it, then it will come in handy for various tasks.

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