AAA members discount list

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AAA members discount list

American Automobile Association (AAA) is also called Triple-A. It is a federation of motor clubs throughout Northern America and is a private national member association and service organization. The association has more than 60 million members in Canada and the United States. AAA provides services to all the members and it includes roadside assistance, discount at motels/ hotels, internet discounts, and many others. The nation's headquarter of AAA is at Heathrow Florida. It was established in 1902 in Chicago. Here we are going to discuss the various discounts that you can avail yourself of if you are a member of the American Automobile Association (AAA).

Some of the best AAA membership discounts

Some of the best AAA membership discounts

Roadside assistance

AAA membership offers roadside assistance 24/7. There are 3 main membership tiers. The price starts from around $50 per year and rises to $100 per year. For detailed information on pricing and benefit, you can check your local club's website. They offer local towing of the vehicle for five miles from the site of disablement. You also get a complimentary bicycle repair and vehicle extrication from the obstacles like mud, snowdrift, and standing water. The AAA membership gives you a wider choice of repair shops and RV coverage.


The wow points are the online reward currency of the American Automobile Association. You can start by linking your debit or credit card to your AAA account and earn the wow points. This makes it convenient for you to earn and redeem the rewards seamlessly. The wow points can be redeemed only for purchases done worth the participating merchants. You will not only be able to save, but you can earn 2 - 3 times more wow points on most of the purchases.

Locksmith services

The locksmith discount that the AAA provides is one of the consistent and valuable benefits. For the Basic or Classic member, the locksmith benefit is at least worth $75. For the higher tier members, the worth crosses $100. The benefit can be claimed by any member who is locked out of their vehicle or misplaced their keys or their vehicle is stolen. The benefits are made available with no questions asked. Premier members enjoy complimentary home lockout services, which are worth up to $100.


The dining discounts offered by AAA are simply awesome. They allow the members to save a huge amount of money during business trips and vacations. You can choose the branded fit certificates that are issued by resturant.com and use them at any of the chain restaurants. Alternatively, you can choose a specific independent restaurant and get instant discounts from all the participating restaurants. To find the eligible restaurants in your vicinity, you need to select "restaurant certificate" from the menu and enter your locality's ZIP code.


One of the most-discounted categories of AAA is electronics. The members can get a discount of 35% on the face value. You can even expect more discounts on household-name brands. Before heading towards the stores on Black Friday, you should check AAA's website for all the discounts and deals. If you are visiting the offline stores, do not forget to carry the AAA membership card. Some of the AAA's electronic partners are HP, Dell, Microsoft, Sprint, and Symantec.

You should always keep in mind AAA is a confederation of several affiliated automobile clubs and not an individual entity. Therefore, the deals can vary from one region to the other. The deals offer by AAA are all subject to change and can be canceled at any point in time without any advance notice.

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