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11-04-2023 Jay #Maintenance

How Much Is A Tire Patch?

Tire patching is a common method used to repair punctured tires. It involves filling the hole or puncture... Read more

11-04-2023 Jay #Maintenance

VSC light: info, causes & how to fix

Introduction The VSC light, also known as the Vehicle Stability Control light, is an indicator on a vehic... Read more

16-03-2023 Jay #Maintenance

Signs of a Bad Engine Oil Pressure Sensor

The engine oil pressure sensor, also known as the oil pressure switch or sender, is a critical component that monitor... Read more

16-03-2023 Jay #Maintenance

Cost of a Car Engine Replacement

One of the most significant investments you will make as a car owner is ensuring your vehicle remains in good working... Read more

16-03-2023 Jay #Maintenance

How Often Should You Change Rear Brakes?

In the world of automobile maintenance, the question of how often you should change your rear brakes is one that freq... Read more

11-03-2023 Jay #Maintenance

The ultimate guide to car maintenance: tips and tricks for keeping your car in top shape

Buying a car is a significant investment that comes with a lot of responsibilities. One of the most critical responsi... Read more

18-06-2021 Jay #Maintenance

When should valve seals be replaced?

Perhaps we should start with a dose of theory. What are valve seals? Well, they are small gaskets seated on the engi... Read more

17-06-2021 Jay #Maintenance

Bad valve seals symptoms

Unfortunately, despite all intentions, you are not able to fully predict when and if the problem with the valve se... Read more

17-06-2021 Jay #Maintenance

What does blue smoke from exhaust mean?

When you see the blue smoke is coming out of your car's exhaust, you already know that it can't be anything good. Un... Read more

17-06-2021 Jay #Maintenance

What does white smoke from exhaust mean?

Under normal conditions, the smoke comes out of any exhaust system. It is a consequence of internal combustion. How... Read more