Jeep with headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, USA, currently owned by Italian-American corporation FIAT CHRYSLER AUTOMOBILES. It’s trademark has been founded in 1943. Jeep’s main products are SUV’s (Sport Utility Vehicles) – crossovers and off-road vehicles. The term “jeep” became famous during World War II when U.S. Army ordered production of four-wheel drive vehicle. The vehicles became such a success that after WW2 company decided to focus their main business only on SUVs and off-road vehicles. In 2000 they released their humanoid robot called ASIMO.

Jeep Compass I MK49 2007 - 2017

Compass I MK49 (2007 - 2017)

First generation of compact crossover SUV by Jeep

Jeep Grand Cherokee III WK 2005 - 2010

Grand Cherokee III WK (2005 - 2010)

Third generation of Grand Cherokee

Jeep Grand Cherokee IV WK2 2011 - 2018

Grand Cherokee IV WK2 (2011 - 2018)

Latest generation of Grand Cherokee

Jeep Patriot 2007 - 2017

Patriot (2007 - 2017)

Crossover SUV from Jeep

Jeep Wrangler JK 2006 - 2018

Wrangler JK (2006 - 2018)

Third generation of Jeep Wrangler. It has been released in 2006.

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