How to straight pipe exhaust in car?

Published 01-07-2021 Rose

How to straight pipe exhaust in car?
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What is the purpose of straightening the exhaust pipe of your car? Well, this action can solve many problems associated with non-standard exhaust. Modifying your exhaust system yourself is definitely cheaper than if you were to do it at a mechanic, but that's not the only benefit. You can create an exhaust that is more efficient and therefore the flow into the system will be better. This is related to a simple rule, the fewer bends the less backpressure. However, how to do the straightening of the exhaust pipe yourself? It does not have to be very complicated. However, it does require some mechanical knowledge and the right tools. Know how to straighten the exhaust pipe can be found below in a few steps. 

Step 1

First, you need to accurately measure and determine the type of muffler, which is assigned to the size and type of your car. Also, pay attention to the engine capacity. This will prevent backflow in the exhaust system. At this stage, you should have a pre-flow muffler, if necessary, and a muffler with a simple pass-through design. 

Step 2 

In order to perform exhaust pipe straightening yourself an important element in your garage will be a car jack. But what to do if you don't have such equipment in your garage? You can ask if any of your neighbors or friends have a jack in their garage and could provide you with one. If you are already prepared and have a jack, then you can move on. Use it and lift your car. Carefully inspect the current exhaust system. Take note of where the hangers and mounts are attached. You can make a sketch or photo to make it easier. Then take a sheet of paper and draw what you want the new exhaust system of your car to look like. Remember to include the necessary curves created to avoid mechanical components underneath the car. 

Step 3

Remove the current exhaust system. Use silicone grease to loosen the parts before removing the clamps. Next, disconnect the catalytic converter, but do not remove it. This part is essential for the performance of your car. In addition, the presence of a catalytic converter is required by law and the police have the right to check if you have one. During removal, replace any clamps and hangers that are damaged and need to be replaced with new ones. 

Step 4

Layout and trim the mandrel bend sections for the new exhaust system. Get in the car and drive around a bit to check for proper section fitment. Weld the entire system together. But before you do that, make sure all the pieces fit together and are aligned. If the installed system is not made of stainless steel or chrome, apply a special paint, which will protect the new exhaust system from corrosion and prevent its premature destruction. If you do not do this, the metal will corrode quite quickly, which will weaken and destroy the exhaust system. Finish welding the pipes and muffler. Mount the system on the vehicle and weld it in place. 

Step 5

Enjoy your car's new straightened exhaust system. 

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~Willie Austin 11-08-2022
Very helpful and simple post! Straighten my exhaust pipe. Thanks a lot.

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