Firestone Wheel Alignment Cost

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Firestone Wheel Alignment Cost

Firestone Complete Auto Care is one of the leading providers of tire and wheel alignment services in the United States. Their customer base spans all 50 states, with over 1,600 retail locations nationwide. While they offer various auto repair services to customers, their wheel alignment service is among the most popular.

Wheel alignment is a critical aspect of vehicle maintenance that ensures proper handling and steering control while driving. It involves adjusting the angles of a vehicle's wheels to manufacturer specifications. Misaligned wheels can cause uneven tire wear, reduced fuel efficiency, and pose safety risks for drivers.

However, many consumers are often confused about Firestone's pricing structure for wheel alignment services. The company offers different types of wheel alignments at varying prices depending on the specific needs of each vehicle.

This article seeks to provide clarity on Firestone's pricing strategy for their Wheel Alignment Services by outlining the factors that influence pricing and explaining how customers can determine which service options best suit their needs without breaking their budget.

Importance of Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment is a crucial process that ensures your car's wheels are aligned according to the manufacturer's specifications. The main purpose of a wheel alignment is to ensure that your car drives straight and true, which improves safety, handling, and fuel efficiency.

When your wheels are out of alignment, they can cause various problems such as uneven tire wear, steering wheel vibrations, and pulling to one side or another while driving on a straight road. These issues affect your vehicle's performance and safety every time you hit the road.

Proper wheel alignments also prevent premature tire wear by ensuring that all four tires touch the ground evenly. This will help prolong their lifespan and save you money in replacement costs down the line.

Moreover, when you get regular wheel alignments done on your car, it helps enhance gas mileage since when everything is in proper order; there is no added friction between tires and pavement leading to improved fuel economy.

Overall safety on the road should always be prioritized above anything else as unforeseeable circumstances cannot be avoided at times so ensuring that every component within our vehicles operates correctly will make for a safer driving experience overall.

Factors Affecting Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignment refers to the adjustment of angles and suspension components that affect how your vehicle's tires make contact with the road. Several factors can cause misalignment or impact wheel alignment, leading to uneven tire wear, poor handling, and reduced fuel efficiency.

Here are some of the most common factors that affect wheel alignment:

1. Potholes and Road Hazards

Driving over potholes or hitting curbs can cause misalignment in your wheels. Potholes can bend or damage steering components such as tie rods or ball joints, affecting your vehicle's suspension system and causing it to pull in one direction.

2. Wear and Tear on Suspension Components

Your vehicle's suspension system is responsible for maintaining proper wheel alignment. Over time, suspension components such as shocks, struts, and bushings may wear out due to age or driving conditions like bumpy roads.

3. Incorrect Tire Pressure

Incorrect tire pressure can lead to uneven tire wear resulting in a loss of traction on turns which may result in pulling toward one side even if you have a properly aligned front end.

4. Axle Misalignment

Axle misalignment occurs when either the front axle assembly is not square with the rear assembly (due to an accident), causing a shift from side-to-side while driving straight ahead; this makes it difficult for drivers because they must compensate by constantly correcting their steering angle while going down roads that aren't perfectly straight ahead.

It is important for drivers who are concerned about their vehicles' safety measures being compromised by improper alignments should have them checked regularly at authorized service centers like Firestone Complete Auto Care where precise measurements are used so they know what adjustments need made based on factors mentioned above along with several other elements including inclination angles between each pair of wheels relative to the vehicle's centerline, which influences steering stability and handling.

Firestone's Wheel Alignment Services

Firestone is a well-known name in the automotive industry, and it offers a wide range of services to keep your vehicle running smoothly. One of its popular services is wheel alignment, which helps ensure that your car's wheels are properly aligned for optimum performance.

Wheel alignment involves adjusting the angles of the wheels so that they are perpendicular to the ground and parallel to each other. Proper alignment can help improve handling, reduce tire wear, and increase fuel efficiency. Firestone uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide precise wheel alignments for all types of vehicles.

Firestone offers two main types of wheel alignment services: front-end alignment and four-wheel alignment. Front-end alignment focuses on aligning only the front wheels, while four-wheel alignment aligns all four wheels. Four-wheel alignments are typically recommended for vehicles with independent rear suspension or those with uneven tire wear.

In addition to these standard services, Firestone also offers specialized wheel alignments for specific needs such as high-performance vehicles or off-road driving. These custom alignments take into account factors such as camber angle, caster angle, and toe-in/out settings to optimize your vehicle's handling under different conditions.

To get started with Firestone's wheel alignment services, simply make an appointment at one of their locations nationwide. The technicians will inspect your vehicle's tires and suspension system before performing any adjustments to ensure that everything is in good condition. They will then use computerized equipment to measure various angles and make precise adjustments as needed.

The cost of Firestone's wheel alignment services varies depending on several factors such as location, type of service required (front-end or four-wheel), type of vehicle (sedan vs SUV), and any additional customization needed. However, you can always count on getting competitive pricing along with exceptional service when you choose Firestone for your wheel alignment needs.

Firestone's Pricing Structure

Firestone offers a range of pricing options for their wheel alignment services. The cost of the service primarily depends on the type of vehicle and the level of service required. However, Firestone also provides additional services that can affect the overall price.

Standard Wheel Alignment: This is Firestone’s basic alignment package that includes adjustments to caster, camber, and toe angles as needed. The standard wheel alignment typically costs around $80 for most vehicles.

Lifetime Alignment: For those who plan on keeping their vehicle for an extended period, Firestone offers a lifetime alignment package. It allows customers to have unlimited alignments over the life of their vehicle at no additional cost beyond the initial purchase price which is typically between $170-$190 depending on location and market conditions.

Three-Year Alignment: If you don’t want to commit to a lifetime package but still need ongoing care for your car’s wheels, then this option might be right for you. A three-year agreement with Firestone ensures you receive free inspections every six months along with any necessary adjustments during that time frame. This option generally ranges from $130-$150 depending on location and market conditions.

In addition to these pricing packages, some Firestone locations offer other services such as suspension repair and tire balancing which can be added onto your order at an extra cost.

It should also be noted that prices may vary by region or country due to differences in labor costs or taxes applied by regional governments.

Overall, understanding Firestone’s pricing structure helps customers choose which service best suits their needs while staying within budget. With these different options available, everyone can find what works best for them when it comes time to get their wheels aligned.

Understanding Firestone's Alignment Packages

Firestone offers three different alignment packages: Basic, Lifetime and Lifetime PLUS. Each package is designed to meet the different needs of customers based on their budget and vehicle requirements.

Basic Package: The basic package includes a standard alignment service that adjusts the front wheels only. This package is best suited for vehicles that don't require extensive adjustments, such as those with a solid rear axle or non-adjustable rear suspension. The basic package also comes with a 6-month limited warranty.

Lifetime Package: The lifetime package includes all the services provided in the basic package along with additional benefits. This package covers both front and rear wheel alignments, which makes it suitable for vehicles that require more comprehensive alignment adjustments. Additionally, this service comes with a lifetime warranty that guarantees unlimited mileage coverage for as long as you own your vehicle.

Lifetime PLUS Package: This is the most comprehensive alignment service offered by Firestone. In addition to everything included in the lifetime package, you'll also receive an annual inspection of your steering and suspension system to ensure proper functioning. You'll also get free tire rotations every six months, which helps extend tire life and improve gas mileage over time.

It's worth noting that while Firestone does offer different packages at varying price points, it's important to prioritize safety when choosing an alignment service provider. Proper wheel alignment not only ensures longer tire life but also improves handling and overall safety on the road.

In summary, understanding Firestone's Alignment Packages can help customers make informed choices about what level of service they need for their vehicle within their budget constraints. By selecting one of these packages from Firestone Complete Auto Care locations across North America or online through its website at www.firestonecompleteautocare.com, customers can ensure they're getting top-notch professional care from licensed technicians who are trained specifically in steering systems repair work like wheel alignments.

Additional Services and Costs

In addition to wheel alignment services, Firestone also offers a range of other services for your vehicle. These include tire balancing, which ensures that your tires are evenly weighted and reduces vibrations while driving. The cost for tire balancing typically ranges from $12 to $15 per tire.

Another service offered by Firestone is tire rotation, which involves moving your tires from one position on the car to another in order to ensure even wear across all four tires. The cost for this service generally ranges from $20 to $30.

Firestone also offers a variety of brake services, including brake inspections, pad replacement, rotor resurfacing or replacement, and fluid exchange. Prices for these services can vary widely depending on the make and model of your vehicle as well as the extent of the necessary repairs.

Other additional services offered by Firestone include battery testing and replacement (with prices ranging from around $100 up to several hundred dollars), oil changes (starting at around $20), air conditioning maintenance (with costs varying based on the specific repairs needed), transmission flushes (which generally cost between $150-200) and engine diagnostic testing (usually costing around $100).

It's important to note that many of these additional services may be recommended during routine maintenance visits or if you're experiencing problems with your vehicle. While some may seem expensive initially, they can often save you money in the long run by preventing more serious issues down the line.

Ultimately, it's up to each individual driver to decide whether or not they want/need any additional services beyond simple wheel alignments – but it's always worth considering all available options when trying to keep your car running smoothly.

Firestone's Warranty and Guarantee

When you get a wheel alignment at Firestone, you can rest assured that the work is backed by their warranty and guarantee. This means that if there are any issues with the alignment or related parts after the service is completed, Firestone will take care of it.

The warranty covers all parts and labor associated with the wheel alignment service for up to 12 months or 12,000 miles (whichever comes first). If any adjustments need to be made during this time period, they will be done free of charge.

In addition to the warranty, Firestone also offers a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you're not completely satisfied with your wheel alignment service within 30 days of getting it done, Firestone will make it right. They'll re-align your wheels or provide a refund for the cost of the original service.

It's important to note that both the warranty and satisfaction guarantee only applies to services performed at participating Firestone Complete Auto Care locations. And while they strive to offer quality workmanship on every job, there may be some instances where issues arise despite their best efforts.

Overall though, having these warranties in place provides peace of mind when getting your wheels aligned at Firestone. You know that they stand behind their work and are committed to making things right if anything goes wrong.


Understanding Firestone's wheel alignment pricing requires knowledge of the different types of alignments available and the factors that influence their cost. It is important to note that prices vary depending on location and vehicle type.

Firestone offers three types of wheel alignments: front-end alignment, thrust angle alignment, and four-wheel alignment. Each type serves a different purpose in correcting specific issues with your vehicle's suspension system.

Factors that influence pricing include the type of alignment needed, whether additional repairs are necessary to correct any issues found during the alignment process, and whether any special equipment or tools are required for your specific vehicle.

It is also worth noting that Firestone often offers discounts on wheel alignments through coupons or promotions. Checking their website or contacting your local store can provide information on current deals.

Overall, it is important to prioritize regular maintenance for your vehicle's suspension system to prevent larger issues down the road. Understanding Firestone's wheel alignment pricing can help you make informed decisions about when to schedule an appointment for this crucial service.

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