Causes of white smoke from the exhaust

Published 24-05-2021 Maverik

Causes of white smoke from the exhaust

Have you ever wondered what causes white, blue, or black smoke from your exhaust pipe? No one likes to see their car smoking. You might hear of stories where people get stranded on an island or a desert send smokes through bonfires as a signal that they are in distress. The smoke from your vehicle is exactly like the scenario mentioned above. It is a sign of distress that your vehicle is sending you.

What are the causes of white smoke from the exhaust pipe?

When water or coolant has entered your vehicle’s combustion chamber a thick smoke in white color gets released from the exhaust pipe. A crack in the engine head or an engine block or a blown gasket causes white smoke that comes out of the exhaust pipe. The gaskets and cracks in the engine allow the fluids over there to travel to places where it is not supposed to go. The fluid can cause severe problems to your vehicle, giving rise to issues like white or black smoke from the exhaust pipe.

Things to be done when white smoke comes from your vehicles exhaust pipe

The first and the foremost thing that you are supposed to do when you notice thick white smoke from the exhaust pipe is that you must stop driving the vehicle. Driving the vehicle even after you detect the white smoke might cause severe damage to the vehicle which might cost you more for the repair work.

Using the vehicle at this stage might overheat the engine leading to engine seize in your vehicle which typically means saying goodbye to your engine which you wouldn’t want to happen.

The second thing to do when you have such a problem is to check the cooler and make sure if there is any kind of leakage or not as it can also be one of the factors that contribute towards engine cracking allowing white smoke emission from your vehicle.

Smoke from the vehicle is something that indicates that there our vehicle is not in a normal condition. There reasons as to why the vehicle causes brown, white, or black smoke from the vehicles. Here are a few reasons which will help you to get an idea of these abnormal smokes from vehicles.

Cylinder head cracks

If your vehicle’s cylinder head is cracked, then automatically the engine will have leakage in the coolant system. As a result, exhaust pipes might emit white or black smoke from your vehicles. This is one major cause of white smoke.

Coolant reservoir damage

A crack or damage in the coolant reservoir tank is not a common cause for white smoke from the exhaust pipe, but it does contribute to the problem at times.

Leakage of oil

In the case of oil leakage in the valve system, there is a possibility that it could flow through the internal combustion system causing the exhaust pipe to emit white smoke. In this case, the smoke’s colour is blue-ish in nature. So if your vehicle emits smoke in blue colour, then it typically means that there is oil leakage in your vehicle.

Error in the Engine Control Unit (ECU)

If your vehicle has a faulty engine control unit this might typically damage the timing of the fuel injector. To stop the white smoke all you need to do is reprogram your vehicles’ control unit program.

To put it in a nutshell, you don’t have to worry if the white smoke clears off, the moment you start your vehicle or if the white smoke clears within a few minutes or so. If your vehicle emits thick white smoke for a longer duration then you will have to take your vehicle to your mechanic for repair.

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